Tea party radio host misses court appearance on felony charges because he’s in jail for extortion, drugs & stalking

December 4, 2013

A member of the Republican Party’s central committee in Michigan — a tea party activist and radio host– missed his scheduled court appearance in Wisconsin but he has a totally good reason. Doug Sedenquist spent Thanksgiving weekend in jail on felony charges in the Upper Peninsula. Sedenquist’s resume also lists him as the former vice chairman of the Delta County GOP.














51 year-old Sedenquist was to face charges in connection with a March 3 incident, which includes, refusing to comply with a police officer’s attempt to take him into custody — a felony — and misdemeanor charges of sending a threatening message and disorderly conduct. Adding to that, he’s now in jail for extortion, stalking and possession of a drug chemically similar to a controlled substance.

Police said Sedenquist refused to put down a rifle which he pointed at himself inside of his truck. And of course, he’s an open carry advocate.

Sedenquist, a Conservative radio personality, part of the ‘Devin and Doug’ show, was recently vice chairman of the Delta County Republican Party, and continues to hold a state party post, although the details of that post are scant.

Via: Detroit Free Press. 

Image: Brown County Wisconsin Jail.


  • billbo_66

    Freak-Out, you guy left out his stalking and sending threatening messages charges were related to his wife. What a good teabagger.

  • Jim Olson

    This is not news. It is a description of a typical GOP member.

  • Jopin Klobe

    A face made for camo.

  • Zyxomma

    What was the drug similar to a controlled substance? Bath salts?


    Hypocrites– all of them– they party of felons and criminals. GOP= Gather OLD PRISONERS

  • Angelo_Frank

    What happened? One of their best and brightest go astray?

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