Vaccinations – Just do it, don't be led astray by anti-vaxxer hysteria

Kids are dying. Just in the US alone there have been more than 1000 vaccine preventable deaths in the last 6 years. It’s not a lot, but if it’s your child I’m pretty sure you would think it important.   Why? Because people would prefer to follow the advice of a former playboy bunny than their board certified pediatrician.  Jenny McCarthy is not alone in her cause.  Mike Adamsof, he is another anti-vaxxer that uses his site to push his unverifiable opinion. He refers to his site as a non-profit collection of public education, he is not recognized as a 501(c)3 non-profit in the United States.  He prefers to compare issues but fails to understand or explain the difference between causation and correlation.

 infant with Pertusiss (whooping cough)

infant with Pertusiss (whooping cough)












This hysteria began when a small study by Andrew Wakefield, published in The Lancet in 1998, became infamous around 2000-2002 when the UK media caught hold of it. It hypothesized an alleged link between the measles vaccine and autism despite a small sample size of only 12 children. This eventually lead to what Guardian columnist and science writer Ben Goldacre described as “the media’s MMR hoax,”due to the evidence for any link being so lacking that it may as well have been entirely manufactured.

It was later retracted but continued to be the most often cited case study for the link, despite mounting evidence the contrary. It was finally considered “thrown out” on February 2, 2010 after it was discovered that Wakefield behaved unethically. Wakefield was found guilty of not acting in the best medical interests of the children as well as not disclosing his previous involvements with anti-vaccination groups prior to the study and it hitting the news. Further examinations show that Wakefield outright fabricated information or selectively ignored facts in his study, such as preexisting conditions in 5 of the 12 children.

My grandmother, easily the smartest person I’ve ever known, lives through 6 wars, the loss of two husbands and breast cancer. Still, she’ll tell you her greatest fear was polio.  For her, Jonas Salk was the greatest man who ever lived. Not everyone should be vaccinated, those with low or no immune system, those allergic to the ingredients and some have genetic issues that prevent them from being candidates. Of course this makes it all that more important that the rest of us are vaccinated to produce the herd immunity.

Then there are those that explain it better than I do, Tara Smith; a scientist wrote an open letter to her Dad about what to believe on the Internet.  An open letter to my Dad is a must read. Best most of all, no one does it better than Penn & Teller.


Vaccinate your children, Did I mention, vaccinate your children and if you are expecting grandchildren, make sure you get your D-tap booster 6 weeks before the due date, so you don’t infect your grandchild. Infants have no natural immunity and cannot get their vaccines until 6 months of age. In 2012 over 48k cases of Pertussis (whooping cough) were reported to the CDC and killed 9 babies by July 2012.

H/T: Lorraine, activist extraordinaire and provider of tequila.

  • infectious_d

    the fact that vaccines are pretty much standardized in some places, should be enough to signal that it functions as described with slim to zero risk, but unfortunately some tend to obsess over a possibility of a health problem, regardless of small the chance is. hopefully those peeps wake up before they lose someone they love(or cause another to become ill due to carrier type events) to one of those illnesses

  • Carla Akins

    It’s a thing with me. Parents that decide to not vaccinate because they read an article or watched Oprah, make me crazy. Please, please speak with a board certified Peditrician.

  • mrsgunka

    Like your mom, I’ve lived thru a gazillion wars, also too! My worst war was Polio! After tendon transplants so I could use my thumb to write and eat and a gazillion other things you can do with a thumb and a back that makes a figure 8 rather than a Capital I, cutting into my breathing capacity I have made it 74+ years only to be knocked down by Post-Polio Syndrome that has again attacked my worn-out muscle cells. It’s just like having polio all over again without the fever and neck pain. We had the last polio epidemic in 1959 when I was a student nurse. We had 52 working iron lungs at our hospital in Iowa. These were the ones who were hesitant to get vaccinated when it came out. No one lives very long in an iron lung! We had to have a booster every year as we were exposed to intense viruses. There are 3 kinds of polio…..I had paralytic, so could have been exposed to one or two varieties. So far, there is no vaccination for post polio syndrome. I’ve also had Shingles from having Chicken Pox…very nasty! They are working for a better mouse trap for that one! Just learned I need another Pneumonia shot as the original does wear off. I gave vaccinations in our schools. Found out too late the measles shot I gave my 9 month old doesn’t work if they get it before a year old. He got the measles! We all remember the Swine Flu and the subsequent cases of Gillion Barre cases. You just can”t order a vaccination on Ebay and expect perfection. Yes, there will be slip-thru’s, but getting the real McCoy can and often did kill…thousands. I have become sensitized to egg yolks so can no longer take flu vaccine. Loosing all my immune system during breast cancer chemotherapy scared me more than the cancer! Until you have watched a baby die in your arms because of the parents religious convictions or just plain stupidity, you just can’t imagine the pain and death they go thru. Some people get the flu after they have the shot….truth is it was active when they got the shot and it takes weeks for the shot to work….thus they get the flu. Happened to me! Now I pray that everyone gets the shot so it won’t spread to the ones who can’t take it! Also, too, want to take the time to tell you ladies to go get that mammogram! Mine was found on a routine mammo and would not have been found until it was too late. The size of grape seed, but the fastest, most virulent breast cancer known. I would have been dead if I had waited to feel something. We have so many life-saving tools at our finger tips, if we only use them! Get those babies, children, all of your family vaccinated so they will be around for many years to come. If we only had one for the little ones that run out into the road and get run over!

    People had autism long before the vaccine!

  • fantagor

    Except flu vaccines. Utter bullshit. Only a fraction of the population gets the flu and only a fraction of those who get a shot actually gain any benefit from the vaccine. They are inoculating you against LAST YEAR’S viruses. Your body has already been exposed and fought it. It’s like taking an aspirin for a headache you had a year ago. But vaccines for childhood diseases are a must for a formative immune system. Side note: enough with the antibiotics. They are only useful on BACTERIA. Viruses don’t give a damn, and viruses account for EVERY head cold and case of the flu. In fact, you are KILLING off the good bacteria in your intestines, which is HALF YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM and making yourself more susceptible to the virus. Same is true of ear and sinus infections. Most are viral. Skip the antibiotics and increase your intake of vitamin D-3, C and add some zinc (not too much; an extra 50 mg is fine). And if you can stand it, a sinus rinse is a good substitute for nasal sprays.

    • mea_mark

      I eat fermented foods, some I grow and ferment myself with the the local strains of lacto-bacillus on the leaves. Great way to boost the bodies natural defenses. EpiCore is very good for boosting immune system also and will help the body fight viruses. Some vaccines are very helpful though. We certainly don’t need Pertussis coming back or something like Polio. If you are not going to do everything right to keep yourself healthy, vaccines save lives.

      • fantagor

        Vaccines have their place. But I think movies have distorted them into miracle cures. It’s preventive medicine with the caveat that nothing is successful 100% of the time, but there is no strong scientific evidence they are harmful. Maybe no worse than useless, like flu vaccines.