Your Daily Derp: Elisabeth Hasselbeck wonders if feminism will be a threat to National Security

January 16, 2014

Fox & Friends discussed the “wussification” of America this morning with their guest Australian author Nick Adams who made some astounding claims with the hosts feeding into it, without any evidence presented.

NewsHounds reports, “When Adams claimed that going “from wrestling with crocodiles to wrestling with lattes” is having an “adverse effect” on men, Hasselbeck laughed appreciatively. “Is this in direct relation to feminism on the rise?” she prompted asked.”









Adams responded, “It is feminism, and basically what feminism has delivered is angry women and feminine men. …From the left, from the politically correct, we have all these attacks on men.”

Later Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked, “Do you see this affecting national security? How a nation operates in terms of being a strong presence globally?”

Adams responded, “Absolutely, without a doubt. I think it has wide-ranging implications. Weeps and wussies deliver mediocrity. And men win. And what America’s always been about is winning. So I think it’s pivotal to the health of the country.”

When Hasselbeck asked if Australia had the same problems, Adams said they did, and she chimed in, “We’re working on it together!”

Isn’t that adorable? They make me feel so powerful simply for wanting equal rights. Maybe we are wussifying machines, which would explain the show’s hosts.


The author says men just want to be left alone. I can understand that concept. I want men to stop creating laws to control women.

NewsHounds has much more here. 

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  • Gidawdah

    Later Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked, “Do you see this (“feminization”)affecting national security? How a nation operates in terms of being a strong presence globally?”

    So the John Wayne-Rambo Foreign Policy track we’ve been rolling along on – disaster after disaster/ murder / killing and mayhem, is about still being “Manly-men”?

    Ms. Hasselbeck needs to be kept away from anyone who actually has something intelligent to offer to ANY discussion of foreign policy. But hey, that’s just me…..

    ….. and then again, its Faux & Frauds.

  • labman57

    Kilmeade and Doocy are elated that Hasselbeck has joined the Fatuous Fellowship of F&F — “Dumb and Dumber” desperately needed their Dumberer.

  • TurboKitty

    She gives a whole new meaning to the colloquialism … dumb blonde …

    • BanditBasheert

      I have always believed she bleaches that hair of hers by DRINKING the bleach. She hasn’t had a functional braincell for years.

  • Annie Snyder

    If she doesn’t like what feminism, she should stop taking advantage of the rights it has won for her. Give up your job, go home, take off your shoes, get pregnant, and start dinner. Oh, and remember, no voting, no owning property, and no saying no to your husband, sweetie.

    • BanditBasheert

      She is ALWAYS pregnant … it’s like she builds a gynormous human shield around her with her fetus. She’s an idiot – I pity her kids…they are going to all be totally effed up.

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