Man charged with molesting child identified by witnesses as abortion-clinic bomber

Snohomish County, Washington authorities believe that the man who groped an 11-year-old girl at a local grocery store last month is the same man who fire-bombed abortion clinics in Everett and Bellingham in the 1980’s.

According to the HeraldNet, at least eight people identified Curtis Anton Beseda as the man seen in video surveillance released to the media on Tuesday. Prosecutors on Friday charged Beseda, 58, with first-degree child molestation in connection with the groping.
















A judge issued a $250,000 arrest warrant for Beseda and Police say that he hasn’t returned to his Snohomish apartment in a few days. In addition, his vehicle also is missing.

Beseda was sentenced to 20 years in prison in the 1980s for arsons at abortion clinics which made him a martyr for the anti-chice movement. In fact, Beseda was honored at a national banquet in 1995. When Beseda sent a letter from prison, it was read at the banquet. The letter urged support for Shelly Shannon, an Oregon woman who was sentenced to 30 years in prison for shooting an abortion doctor in Kansas in 1993, as well as setting fire to six abortion clinics.

Beseda, an unemployed roofer, confessed his guilt while on trial for the four arson attacks. He said he had done so “for the glory of God.”

Beseda’s release from prison did not stop infractions of the law. Since his release Beseda was convicted of three misdemeanor charges, including criminal trespass and fourth-degree assault.

Which again gives credence to anti-chioicers disregard for children once they are actually born into the world.

Image: HeraldNet

  • mea_mark

    Is he pro-life because he wants there to be more victims available to him? Something is definitely very wrong with this guy.

    • Sarah Morison

      There are a lot of whack jobs who dominate some of these anti-choice groups — especially male ones. Just look at Operation Rescue.

      • tiredoftea

        Yes it’s a scary spiral of self reinforcing christian delusional thought that results in the murder of innocent lives.

  • jimmylightfoot

    of course a child molester is against abortions. He’d have no kids to Molest otherwise. i hope he gets what he truly deserves

  • Carla Akins

    He’s either a sociopath that just adopts whatever persona that allows him to hurt, maim and wreak havoc or he’s a “true believer” that thinks he knows better, that the end justifies the means and in the end he’ll be rewarded by his god for saving lives. It’s not a far leap for him to think she was coming on to him, that it’s a natural thing, and the rest of that crap that pedophiles/hebephiles seem to think justifies their behavior. Either way, he should not be out walking around.

    • tiredoftea

      He’s got a home in the anti-abortion movement. Probably a pretty normal guy in those church meetings where they get all worked up over their delusional beliefs about other people’s personal lives. It’s not a far stretch from that sort of zealotry to preying on young children.

      • Carla Akins

        Exactly, not the same act but definitely the same obsessive behavior & justification.

      • John_St_John

        Can you say Warren Jeffs, the F.L.D.S. and Yearning For Zion Ranch? I know you can.

  • tiredoftea

    Boy, it’s a great day at FON when two articles convince me that the death penalty is warranted!

  • Mark Warren

    Why ever set him free?

  • Linda1961

    Can we stop calling the forced-birthers pro-life now?

    • tiredoftea

      I stopped a long time ago! Their’s nothing “pro-life” about those people.

      • Tigerclaw1

        Whatever you need to tell yourself to keep the sleeping pills in the bottle. ;-)

        • Lamont Cranston

          Do you rape children too?

          • Tigerclaw1

            Awww, you are butthurt. =) Run along now, pretend I am your daddy and go wait in the driveway for me to never come back.

    • mea_mark

      You are free to make that choice.

    • Happy Liberal

      They aren’t pro-life at all. They are anti-choice.

    • Nomad

      Any time a person is pro-war and pro- death penalty they are technically unable to call themselves pro-life as far as I am concerned.

  • AFV

    This is what happens when you embrace societal dregs.

  • Joe Villanova

    I hope he is killed in prison.

  • Tom Polk

    Another “prolifer”, John Burt from Florida, was also imprisoned for molesting a 15 year old girl. There are many of these “prolifers” who are sex offenders but haven’t been caught yet.

  • Rhena

    I think, Men in the anti-choice groups don’t care a bit about babies, they just want to control. Most women don’t go for that, so they have moved on to children.Still 100% about control and feeling they have power over someone else.

  • juandos

    Snohomish Count ACORN chapter president and democrat fund raiser?

    • Fred Farkle

      Actually he’s the head of your TeaBagger Party of Snohomish County, got somethin on yer chin boy…