Watch: A tree fights back after a man uses it for target practice

A guy with a gun took on an innocent tree that was just minding its own business, and the tree prevailed. The man in the following video which was posted on YouTube can be seen shooting at a target which was placed on a tree.

The victimized tree proves you don’t always need a gun to fight back.









This is what happens when you piss off a tree:


H/T: A good guy with a gun @ComgenKDT who you can follow on the Twitter machine here. 

  • neworleans878

    Hopefully this’ll teach him to leaf the trees alone!

  • mea_mark

    Score one for the good guys, umm trees I mean.

  • rjcarter

    His gun was all bark.

  • fantagor

    He should have saw that coming.

    • rjcarter

      I was going to axe you how that was a pun, but then it hit me.

      • Linda1961

        Double groan!

    • Linda1961


  • janiez

    I hope it breaks his neck if he does it again.

  • Montag

    All it takes is a good tree…..

  • fantagor

    I apologize for the bad pun. Sorry for the mistreetment.

    • mea_mark

      Some of these puns are so old I feel like I am going back to the cambium era.