Tennessee Cop Chokes Student Into Unconsciousness

Caught On Camera: Cop Chokes Student Into Unconsciousness (via Liberaland)

Judging by the disturbing series of photos taken last night, it looks a lot like a thug cop needs to beĀ fired, indicted, arrested, convicted, and incarcerated. A Knoxville photographer has captured a police officer on camera using what looks like excessive…

  • http://www.tumblr.com/blog/akinsc Carla Akins

    Those are incredibly disturbing. Playing devil’s advocate I tried to find any reason this may have been justified but I can find none.

    • R T

      Yeah, absolutely none! I tried to think of any possible reason to do this to someone so much smaller than you, who is unarmed and not resisting, but there is none. The officer appears to be a sadist.

    • tiredoftea

      It’s his son?

      • http://www.tumblr.com/blog/akinsc Carla Akins

        Okay, I could go with that if he was a younger teen but by 19 you don’t want to kill them nearly as much.

        • tiredoftea

          You would if he only got a D- on the rifle range and he was partying with his black friends.

  • M A G

    This is completely inexcusable!

  • http://www.thecosmicsurfer-rantingsofamadwoman.com/ Cosmic_Surfer

    That’s what Police Department means..Excessive and Unnecessary Force

  • mea_mark

    That looks more like torture and just for the fun of it. Cops once again, acting like terrorists.

    • shifafa

      Not “acting like” terrorists. They are the very face of terrorism in this, the ameriKKKa that Reagan and his voodoo economics created. The absolute thuggery of the republiCONs is the downfall of our once great Nation! FTP and FTRepub Fascists!!!

  • tiredoftea

    Police forces across the country are having this same problem. The move to militarized forms of policing is part of our ebbing civil liberties and does, no longer, confine themselves to low income areas. But, you just have to love a police force that shows no mercy to anyone, including assaulting and raping women.

  • James


    • tiredoftea

      That guy looks more like donut rage.

      • mea_mark

        Maybe they started putting steroids in the donuts.

        • tiredoftea

          Yes, the new Crispy Creme special cop recipe.

      • http://FreakoutNation.com/ Anomaly 100

        Donuts? Where? WHERE?

  • Jerry Rivers

    The cop was fired today.