Wisconsin Republicans pass resolution for right to secede

One of the State Republican Party’s eight regional caucuses passed a resolution asserting Wisconsin’s right to split from the other 49 states, joining a chorus of their GOP colleagues with hurt feee fees after Obama handily won the election. 

According to JSOnline, the key section from the resolution adopted by the GOP caucus for the state’s 6th Congressional District reads, “Be it further resolved that we strongly insist our state representatives work to uphold Wisconsin’s 10th Amendment rights, and our right to secede, passing legislation affirming this to the U.S. Federal Government.”










That  district is represented by U.S. Rep. Tom Petri and covers 11 counties stretching from Watertown to Neenah.

Dan Feyen, chairman of the Republican Party’s 6th Congressional District sent out a memo to all Republican lawmakers making clear that he did not support the resolution or another one  which was critical of two GOP lawmakers. He noted that the proposals were adopted after many people had gone home.

He said, “I did not agree with many of the resolutions passed as they do not deal with the true opponent that we face in our upcoming election cycle.”

JSOnline reports:

On Saturday, the state Republican Party’s resolutions committee will take up this proposal and many others adopted by the party’s eight congressional district caucuses. Typically, the GOP committee reduces the number of resolutions to 10 or 15 proposals that are put up for a final vote at the party’s state convention in Milwaukee on May 2-4.

Top party officials are expected to do what they can to kill the secession amendment at Saturday’s meeting.

Joe Fadness, executive director of the state GOP, issued a statement making clear that the resolution is not party policy.

A Republican lawmaker, who asked not to be identified, was not enthusiastic about the idea and said, “It makes us sound like Texas.” Still, the resolution passed so if it walks like a duck, it’s usually a duck.

Feyen also said he didn’t want this dragged into “the public arena” so of course his communication is linked here.

If Wisconsin secedes does that mean they’ll have to keep Governor Scott Walker inside the state?

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  • mea_mark

    Republicans wasting more tax dollars, nothing new here.

    • http://FreakoutNation.com/ Anomaly 100

      Whatever happened to Benghazi?

      • M D Reese

        Dammit! (chug-chug)…

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          • M D Reese

            Tanks a lot!

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          • mrsgunka

            I’m leaving before the phardting starts!

          • http://FreakoutNation.com/ Anomaly 100

            Smart lady!

  • sherifffruitfly

    the evil sickness of the confederacy spreading to other places because we white folks refuse to tell other white folks to stfu

  • neworleans878

    Wisconsin can’t succeed…

    I like my cheese!

  • M D Reese

    I say let’s just give the secessionists a State that has already pretty much gone to hell and let them all migrate there. When the dust settles, we’ll build McCain’s darn fence.

    • m2old4bs

      You thinkin’ FL?

      • M D Reese

        FL, TX–decisions, decisions….

  • Republicans_are_Evil

    I do not understand how any patriotic American can vote for any Republican. Republicans don’t want to even be Americans.

  • http://www.thecosmicsurfer-rantingsofamadwoman.com/ Cosmic_Surfer

    Let them secede…everyone has the right to secede…It appears they just want mommy’s approval to do it

    • Republicans_are_Evil

      Wisconsin does not want to secede. Only the radical right wing nuts do.

  • hard2findu

    let them try, I will be the first to take away their right to cheese.

  • JimmyPete

    Geezus just leave the country , go some place with no health insurance like Somalia , or with a Theocracy like Iran, or with an Oligarchy like Russia, Just go if you don’t like it.

  • fantagor

    To where? They’re a land locked state on three sides, which leaves aligning with Lake Michigan.