Arkansas Teacher Shows 2nd Graders Racial Slur-Laced Martin Luther King ‘Parody’ Video


An Arkansas teacher is under fire after showing second graders an explicit parody video about Martin Luther King, Jr., that includes several instances of racial slurs and inappropriate language.

The elementary school teacher, Lynn Schumacher, showed the YouTube video to her class of seven and eight year olds Wednesday, two days after Martin Luther King, Jr., Day.

Supt. Dan Foreman said Schumacher was unaware that the video was inappropriate until after the children had already watched some of it, according to KFSM.

Latia Hernandez, whose daughter is in the class, told KFSM that the teacher showed a video, titled, “It’s Martin Luther King Day Charlie Brown!”. The video shows animation of the familiar Peanuts characters, but their regular voices are dubbed over throughout the eight-minute run time.

An investigation revealed that a separate video was actually the one played for students—the “Boondocks Martin Luther King Speech” video from YouTube, which includes a Martin Luther King figure lecturing “n—–s.” That slur was repeated 14 times in the video.

Either way, they’re both inappropriate videos to show a room full of children.

According to the superintendent, the teacher did not know she was doing anything wrong at the time.

Cedarville School District policies state any outside material, including videos, being shown to students must be approved by the school’s principal, but that did not happen in this case, Foreman said.

Watch courtesy of KFSM:

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