Unhinged Woman Climbs Onstage At Iowa Freedom Summit, Starts Rambling Incoherently


At the “Iowa Freedom Summit,” Sarah Palin delivered one of her strangest speeches yet and even Scott Conroy from RealClearPolitics, described it as the “strangest speech I’ve ever seen Sarah Palin deliver.”


And that’s saying a lot, don’t you think?

Toby Harden, a Conservative columnist, described Palin’s speech as ‘Bizarro.”

He’s not lying.

Palin held of recent media attention by claiming victimhood. The rambling speech could not be put together again by even the best engineers.

La Palin demonized Hollywood while praising Chris Kyle — a man who Hollywood just released a movie about. She attempted to explain why she recently held a sign which read, “Fuc_ You Michael Moore,” with gun sights drawn inside of the o’s in Moore’s name.

She defended her son using the family dog as a step ladder, and oh, by the way, Obama ate a dog when he was a kid.

On Hillary Clinton, she said Republicans have a “deep bench.”

“It is good that we have a deep bench and its primary competition that will surface the candidate who’s up to the task and unify and this person has to because knowing what the media will do throughout all of 2016 to all of us it’s going to take more than a village to beat Hillary,” she rambled.

She talked about how badass Bristol, her daughter, is.



I’m telling you that this woman is hitting dat crack pipe.

It’s just an observation, although, I did work in the addiction field at one time and I’ve seen this sort of rambling, incoherent, pumped up on something more than freedom behavior before.

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