‘Hitman’ Arrested After Advertising His Services On Facebook


Super-sneaky Jonathan Giraldo, 38, touted himself as a “hitman” on Facebook. He’s so sneaky that he used an alias, Tony Garcia, and the nickname ‘Anthrax’ so no one would ever find out even though he posted photos of his stupid face, videos, weapons and bundles of cash.


According to Opposing Views, Police in Lima, Peru, tracked him down and arrested Giraldo while he was posting details of his recent crimes on a Facebook update.

“At the moment he is being held on firearms offenses,” Police spokesman Leonidas Menendez said.

“The truth of it is, at the moment, we do not know yet if he really is a contract killer or if he is an idiot making up a fantasy life from his bedroom, but we will find out the truth,” he added. “We are currently doing ballistics checks on the weapons and looking at his bank accounts to see if there have been any suspicious payments.”

On Facebook, Giraldo called himself the “Most Wanted” and wrote in his profile: “On the streets – you learn more than in school.”

Apparently not. Giraldo never heard of facial recognition software or IP addresses.

If you post something on social media, the rest of us can see it.

That’s just silly Peru. Here in America, pictures such as his are displayed proudly by Open Carry activists, even with some of them having dubious criminal backgrounds. But here, they do it for freedom and stuff.

More pics of this dummy on Opposing Views and the Daily Mail.

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