Activist Buys Domains Of Indiana Lawmakers Who Passed Anti-Gay Law


A gay activist based in Portland, Konrad Juengling (not pictured, mmkay?), expressed his outrage over Indiana’s anti-gay law with a unique approach to protesting Gov. Mike Pence signing the law.

















The New Civil Rights Movement reports:

For his part, Juengling wanted to bring attention to the negative impacts the Indiana law will have on LGBT youth in Indiana.

“I think it’s important for politicians to think about how their bills really impact people, and to consider how this bill in particular can be abused to stigmatize a population that already does not have equal rights,” Juengling said in an interview with NCRM.

Juengling purchased the domains for six Indiana Republican state representatives: Dale Devon, Don Lehe, Donna Schaibley, Douglas Gutwein, Kathy Kreag Richardson, and Martin Carbaugh. These individuals helped pass the so-called religious freedom bill in the Indiana state house. The domain names are:

Each one of them now forwards to the HRC page on youth statistics. Among the statistics include the facts that 4 in 10 LGBTQ youth do not feel welcome in the communities in which they live. Also that 92 percent of LGBTQ youth hear negative messages about being gay, lesbian, or transgender from their peers and surrounding communities.

Juengling explained to Thomas Alberts of the New Civil Rights Movement that he did not purchase the domain names to attack or ridicule the state representatives, but instead, he hopes to educate them on the negative impact their bill is having on some of the voters they are supposed to be serving.

“I think these representatives should do their research into who will be most affected by this bill; that’s why I linked their domains to the HRC’s youth statistics page,” he said. “In allowing these people to be further discriminated against, they are setting up their constituents to be even more disenfranchised.”

“I think that this bill and the people that were voting for it just didn’t put any thought into it,” he said. “It’s masking discrimination with religious freedom. But religious freedom should not be used to discriminate. Anyone who supports it are uneducated in the fact that it further stigmatizes a population. They are not serving their constituency in any way.”

We realize this young man did not buy up the domain names to ridicule politicians who allowed this bill to pass, but we find it funny as hell anyway.

I just wish I’d thought of it:(

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