Ben Carson Aide Deletes Twitter Account Telling Obama To ‘Bend Over Bitch’


If you’re thinking of running for President, it might be best if one of your aides doesn’t call the sitting President a bitch.















An operative for Ben Carson’s presidential exploratory committee magically disappeared his Twitter account which often attacked President Obama, other Democrats, some other Republicans, and others with inappropriate language.

Jim Dornan, who worked on the governmental affairs staff at the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries and has plethora of Capitol Hill and campaign experience, now no longer has a Twitter account.

Buzzfeed has the tweets from Dorman’s semi-anonymous (lol) account:

One tweet from Dornan referred to McConnell shoving his fist up Obama’s butt. One tweet calls Ferguson protestors “thugs.” Another calls Obama a “dipshit.” One tweet calls Debbie Wasserman-Schultz a “pathetic excuse for a human being.” Two tweets call Chris Matthews and the Huffington Post “aholes.” Another tweet at Obama tells him to “bend over bitch.”..

BuzzFeed News learned Dornan is the national field director for Carson’s presidential exploratory committee.

He did get one tweet right, which read, “The stupidity of Sarah Palin and the other idiots on the Far Right. Are they working to get Dems elected in Nov?”

Here he is wanting a fist up Obama’s butt.








Our twice elected President is a bitch, but Donovan can’t keep a Twitter account, hello?






Other things not to call Obama if a Republican has decided to run in 2016: A Muslim, A Usurper. A Socialist. A Maoist. A Marxist. A Dictator. A Kenyan. The Anti-Christ.

Because that’s all been done before and it didn’t work out so well.

Also, too, nothing is ‘deleted’ from the Internet.

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Buzzfeed has more tweets here.

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