Mrs Gunka, It’s Your Birthday!!!


Yes, it’s Easter. Time of chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and white women wearing hats to church. More importantly is Mrs. Gunka’s 76th birthday! There was no way we would allow this notable occasion to pass without paying the proper homage to our unofficial vanguard.

We love you Mrs Gunka, and all that you add to our lives by sharing your wisdom and experience.


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It was so hard to choose from all the wonderful Mrs Gunka comments, MiAtheistGal summed it up nicely:

I don’t have a specific story or comment about Mrs. G, but that’s mainly because I love her common sense comments almost all the time. She adds to any conversation, and isn’t afraid to call people out. I love her wisdom, and I especially love hearing her stories about when she was younger. She has some doozies, and I think she’s been holding out on us, too. 🙂 I feel like she’s FON’s resident grandma, the one who baked you cookies and kissed your booboos when you were little, not the grandma who yelled get off her lawn.

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Linda1961 here, and I love all of Mrs G’s comments, but this one from yesterday on the Huckabee thread is sticking in my mind:

“Oh, blow it out your a$$ Huck! My church openly welcomes the LGBT. Have for years and sure they have had weddings since we moved. Our church won’t be closing and our membership keeps growing! It isn’t the …

I can’t remember exact comments, or the threads that they were posted on, but her comments about her husband Ray were always very touching. Readers could tell how much she loved him, and how much he loved her, in spite of his health problems. What a lovely couple!

Which was brings me to my favorites, which is anytime Mrs G talks about her married life.

From Jan 2014: “Been happily married to the kindest, most caring man for 55 years. We were always a team. I’m the team leader now and it’s frightening. Our furnace went out this morning ( 2F). I have to call the repairman and open the faucets and bundle him up as we are freezing. He could have fixed it.. I can’t. I gladly let him do that, but would get things for him. Now I must pay someone to come to do what he could have fixed. He treated me like a Queen and I treated him like a King…we were equal. Now he can’t talk and barely walk…I take care of him 24/7 with the help of Hospice. He would do the same for me. He was a real rocket scientist (Aero Space Engineer) but today he doesn’t know me half the time (Dementia).”

And later: “You all would have loved him too. He was the most honest, caring person. His motto in life was, “anything worth doing, is worth doing right”! If he had a flaw, it was he did not abide stupidity! He overcame living in a world of right-handed people – he was left handed – stating left-handed people had a right mind. My right hand was crippled from polio and I learned to be left handed….if I would clumsily drop something he would tell me, “Hire the handicapped, we are fun to watch!” Left-handed screwdrivers are hard to find! 🙂 We were a perfect set of bookends….I would work from the left and he would work from the right and we always met in the middle! We were a team with our children the glue that held us together as a unit. He was truly my Valentine everyday of my life.”

Note from edmeyer_able: Having only been a member of FON community a few short months I knew from the start that Mrs. Gunka was a special person, one I wish I had known for a long time.

Billy Jackson: Happy Birthday to MrsGunka.

Just for fun, here are a few more of our favorite MrsGunka posts

June 2014: After MrsG became her own tech genius
Woo Hoo! No more ugly gray banner saying I can’t comment until I register my email address! Did we make it back to Kansas? Where’s Toto? I’ll catch up in the morning. Time for old ladies to be in bed.

Nov 2013 MrsG’s Thoughts on Twitter:
Oh dear God, it takes me forever to correct my spelling errors and let alone learn a new way to spell and then count everything and then add ##### to everyone’s name and attach links so you have to open and then read some more……I’m getting too old for this following crap. Just you young whipper-snappers wait till you have cataracts and can’t read these blurry letters and see how much fun it is! I spend my time trying to read all this shorthand and letters that don’t spell a thing. It looks like Sarah Palin’s word salad to me. My grandson’s are still trying to teach me this computer machine…don’t think they are up to a twitter machine too. Wore out one computer now I’m struggling with Windows 8 and losing my mind. I have an old flip cell phone that I take with me in the car and grocery store. I know how to recharge it, but can never remember how to turn it on and off. Techy, I’m not. It may take me a half hour to write an answer if my husband decides to get up and wander off. He has Dementia and doesn’t even know me half of the time. So if my writing sounds disoriented, it is. Hard to remember where I was when I had to suddenly leave. I’ll be here to pester you when you get back from pestering everyone else. I’m a patient old lady. Slow, but patient. 🙂

May 2014 On family and teaching your children well:
I’m 75. I’ve known 6 generations of my family. My grandparents and parents were very short. I was 5′ 4″ and was normal for my generation. My children are very tall (my husband was shorter – 5’9″ for our generation. Our 3 boys were all over 6 feet. Our grandchildren are 6’1,2,4,5″ (boys, and girls 5’7 to 5’9″. They have gone from 8th grade education to high school education, to BS, MS and a few hours from a Doctorate. Husband and grandson had a double major in Engineering. Husband didn’t finish his doctorate as he ended up teaching most of his class what was happening in Aero-Space before the books could be written….and the doctorates where getting laid-off first! 🙂 Some of the smartest people I have known don’t have an ounce of common sense and some with a HS diploma are smarter than many of our current House of Representative or VP candidates from Alaska and Senators from Red States! Hells/Bells, I had a photographic memory before I had radiation and chemo but at 75, my chemo brain is better than many walking around me. My mother-in-law just died a year ago at 103. She drove till she was 93 and played bridge 4-5 times a week till the very end. College degree too. I think many people’s genomes are better than others. Being poor doesn’t make everyone dumb or small. It’s what genes you pass on and your environment and proper diet help too. You can’t learn on an empty tummy! We are going to lose a generation just by being poor and hungry if we don’t do something to bring back the middle class and can afford to go to school and put food on the table. Teach your children well and don’t hand everything to them they want…but what will make them better people and care about others. And please teach them manners and the English language and several others if possible. It’s the world that is shrinking not the people!

Wishing you a day filled with love and cheer and hoping your day will be as special as you are.

Anomaly100 here. Ms. Gunka, I can’t tell you how delightful your comments are to read. You make me smile every day. You’re a warrior. We love you so much. I hope I can be half the woman you are if and when I grow up one day. It’s an honor to know you.

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