Tennessee GOP Lawmaker: Child Shootings Are An ‘Act Of God’


Jesus hated little kids and carried a Glock so this makes total sense. You know how He was.

















A Tennessee lawmaker who championed a guns in parks bill just in time for the NRA Convention to come to town is now saying that negligent shootings are just like bicycle accidents.

Here on FON we never consider a child shooting an ‘accident,’ but Glen Casada (Tennessee State Representative of the 63rd District) is gonna school us.

You see, Casada says childhood gun deaths and injuries are simply Acts of God and that there’s nothing we can do to help prevent them.

Casada is askeered that the Obama Administration will be coming to take mah Gawd given right to own firearms. So, he promises on his website to “guard law-abiding Tennesseans’ right to keep and own firearms” (and use them to terrify and endanger the state’s children as they try to enjoy a day on the playground or in the park).

Regardless of the attempts to restrict gun rights by overzealous Washington politicians, Rep. Casada will continue to guard law-abiding Tennesseans’ right to keep and own firearms.

This exchange between reporter and Casada (R-Guns, Gawd & Country) happened this week.

Reporter: So, if there’s an accident and a permit holder is in a park, there’s a high chance it’s going to hit a child.

Casada: There’s accidents with bicycles in parks. Should we outlaw bicycles?

Reporter: Yeah, but bikes very rarely kill people.

Casada: That’s not true, I disagree with that statement.

Reporter: Guns are weapons. Are you saying a gun is as safe as bicycle?

Casada: If used properly I am. If used properly.

Reporter: In the event of an accident, which is more likely to kill someone?

Casada: Now we’re back in theoretical. I think in Tennessee we’re dealing with a lot more questions than guns in parks. I think this is a minor thing in the scope of what we’re doing good in Tennessee.

Reporter: If someone is hit accidently with a bullet, you guys are fine defending this bill?

Casada: If someone gets run over by an automobile accidently, there’s nothing I can do about that. These are things beyond, they’re called acts of God, they’re beyond our control.

(my bold)

Earlier today we posted a disturbing video that Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America released of a man frolicking with his loaded gun on a playground full of children in Wisconsin.



















Is this the behavior we can all expect from NRA Convention attendees next weekend in Nashville or will Governor Haslam put an end to this nonsense before it goes any further?

The question here is, why is God Second Amendmenting little kids? Maybe it’s because of abortion, huh? These pro-lifers sure are confusing.

God gave us brains to use and that is an Act of God, not child shootings. Think safety, not inundating areas where children play with firearms.

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