RNC Strategist’s Twitter Slap Fight After Ben & Jerry Donate Ice Cream At Bernie Sanders’ Event


Chief Strategist and Communications Director for the Republican National Committee, Sean Spicer, is no fan of Bernie Sanders.










After finding out that Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben and Jerry’s donated ice cream to the crowd of Bernie supporters at his campaign kickoff, Spicer took issue with it, because spreading around ice cream is totally socialist. Or whatever.

Ben and Jerry spoke at the rally for several minutes about why they support Sanders, and echoed his messages about inequality and the undue influence of money in American politics and Spicer thinks that’s a bad thing.

Spicer loves him some Bernie Sanders. You can tell.









Then came the ice cream food fight.










Because Bernie is a Democratic socialist whose death panels are comin’ fer ya.










Personally, I think it’s time we had a Democratic socialist in the White House. On the other hand, how would corrupt bankstas survive?

Ben and Jerry responded to the big dummy, explaining that they are American citizens and it wasn’t a corporation donating the awesome ice cream.







Not good enough, says Spicer. He mad.








One Little Feller weighed in to school us on our Commie agenda.






I confess to trolling Spicer since his hissy fit began on Twitter. I get bored sometimes.












What can we conclude from this slap fight? Well, the only thing Republicans have to attack Sanders with is ice cream. They certainly don’t have any viable candidates.

I’m wearing my Bernie 2016 t-shirt now. That’s not to say that FON endorses Bernie, but that we’ll go with whoever wins the nomination and it would be amazing if Sanders did but I’m not seeing it, unfortunately.

But I agree with Bernie. It’s time for a political revolution.

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