3-Year-Old Finds Gun, Fatally Shoots Himself In The Head


A 3-year-old Michigan boy has died in what police describe as an ‘accidental’ shooting. The little boy found a loaded .40-caliber gun in a closet then fired a fatal shot.
















According to My Fox Detroit,  the victim, Jonathan Kaufman, was alone inside the home while his father and brother were outside.

Police say the child somehow pulled the trigger and shot himself in the head.

State troopers and emergency medical personnel were dispatched to the scene. The little boy could not be saved and he was pronounced dead.

Got that? He shot himself in the head while finding a loaded gun yet it’s an ‘accident.’.

According to the Daily Mail, police collected evidence and took statements from the boy’s parents Michelle and Derick and other members of victim’s family.

A report will be sent to the county prosecutor’s office for review, which typically happens in such cases.

In 2013, three-year-old Damon Holbrook died after finding a loaded gun in a closet at his family’s home in Dundee, Michigan, and shot himself in the head.

Children are curious. “Ooo shiny!” Lock your guns up.

It’s a good thing his parents had a gun in their home to protect their family.

Little kids in America should never die such a violent death. This was not an ‘accident.’ The gun owner killed his or her own child. There, I said it.

H/T: Alan at Liberaland.

Image: The Daily Mail

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