NC Open Carry Supporter Fatally Shoots 3 And 4-year-old Sons


A North Carolina man bragged about refusing to even go shopping without carrying his gun. Shawn Fuller’s Facebook profile is littered with photos of guns and Confederate flags with several comments about carrying his gun openly.

















The 31-year-old shot and killed his 3- and 4-year-old sons before turning the gun on himself, which left him in critical condition.

His firearm is reportedly unharmed though.

An image from his Facebook page:




















In less than 12 hours after Fuller talked about how he enrolled his boys in self-defense classes because of how the world is today, he murdered his children.

“He said how you can’t even walk into a movie theater anymore,” he told a business owner.

The Statesville Record & Landmark reports:

There was no way, of course, for anyone to know that when Shawn Fuller and his 3- and 4-year-old sons walked into the Statesville store around 5 p.m. But for Kelli Simko, 37, who was also in the store at the time, something seemed off.

Less than half a day later, Iredell County Sheriff Darren Campbell said deputies responded to a residence on Trent Road where they found Fuller with a self-inflicted gunshot wound and the two boys, who were both pronounced dead.

“He had a gun on his belt,” Simko said of her interaction with Fuller earlier in the day. “He told (the clerk) he wouldn’t shop anywhere he couldn’t bring his gun.”

While Fuller browsed the store — he told the clerk he was looking for something for his wife — Simko grabbed a basket of toys and started to play with the boys.

“They were so smart, so adorable, they were vibrant,” she said. “I don’t usually just start playing with kids on the floor — I purposely did that because I felt there was just this eerie feeling.”

That’s when Fuller expressed several comments about carrying his gun openly.

Fuller believed he was a good guy with a gun.


















She added that Fuller seemed affectionate with his children.

Spot the irony in these images:







































His Facebook page contains radical posts which are typically displayed by tea partiers.




















More irony:




















He supports the NRA and his ‘like’s are about religion and guns.  Oh, and Fox News.




















His children.




















“I just can’t believe it. … It’s just so sad,” she said.

“Those two little souls were so sweet, and we just sat on the floor and played race cars for 30 minutes. … It’s just important to say… they were just sweet, sweet kids.”

But Fuller and others frequently fired guns in the backyard. Patterson said Fuller had high-powered rifles as well as handguns. He said they shot at targets such as milk jugs and cans and that several trees in the yard were damaged from the shooting.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Fuller drank alcohol while shooting, and sometimes the children or friends were there while the shooting took place.

Ronnie Patterson, Fuller’s next door neighbor, said the shooting next door was so common and disturbing that his girlfriend moved out of the house.

A neighbor who has lived across the street for decades, also complained about the shooting.

“There were a lot of cars in and out all the time,” the woman said. “You would think at times there was a firing range down there.”

Fuller often seemed paranoid and behaved as if he was “scared of everything,” Patterson said. Fuller also worried that someone was trying to break into his home, Patterson said.

On Facebook he expresses anti-Muslim sentiments with memes. He’s anti-same sex marriage. He’s a Conservative who believes in his right to bear arms in order to protect his family.

Last December, an Open Carry activist shot and killed her husband and stepdaughter.

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