Police Officer’s Viciously Racist Wife: Hang Tamir Rice’s Mother (Images)


In Joliet, Illinois, is Officer Michael Pauly and his openly racist wife, Angela (also known as Andie). To be sure, Officer Pauly is no better.




















Aside from years of racist comments, Mrs. Pauly has a dubious past which allegedly includes a felony of gun possession, a restraining order from her ex-boyfriend David Schaffner and a list of other misdeeds.

Angela has d0xed (revealed real identities on social media) Twitter users, most recently a 15-year-old girl who she called a “Muslim skank.” There have been many others, too. She recently offered a $50.00 Starbucks card for the identity and details into the life of another young Twitter user.

While gathering information, Mrs. Pauly tweeted that she had information on me. She was going to dox me, too. I tweeted out my personal info to save her the trouble, and she then proceeded to lock down her Twitter and Facebook accounts. She only picks on children, usually black ones.

She repeatedly refers to black people as ‘ferals’ and if this Disqus account is her husband’s like so many have suggested, he believes that all police officers are Conservatives unless they’ve been hired due to affirmative action. Angela has been a busy woman on social media for years denigrating minorities without consequence.

When Googling Michael and Angela’s residence, I found that they lived in a $260,000 home, but they live beyond their means with a history of non-payments to the bank.

#AndiePauly is a hashtag on Twitter now due to her abundant history of racist comments which include, wanting the mother of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was shot to death by police while playing with a toy gun, hanged.

















Twitter users have documented her comments for years but the problem has not been addressed by the police department despite calls on Twitter from hundreds of Twitter users, including Anons. In fact, I placed a call to the Joliet police department today and left a message. They did not call back. I’ve tweeted them several times. I went to their Facebook page and eventually got an answer back, only to be told to call their media department. I did so and received a recorded message – my call went unreturned. But, I was told beforehand by others that I would get the runaround.

Twitter user @oneforeachofyou documented Angela’s rants on Storify, but the couple went to great lengths to have it taken down. In one such case, she refers to a black woman as a ‘filthy negress’. She writes on social media, “My handsome husband actually hates your ilk more than I do.” “All police do,” she adds. She says that “animals come from welfare black homes. My husband is a police officer.” “When I mentioned this fact to him he looked me in the eyes and said, “that’s how they treat their kids too.” “Bundy was being generous,” she concludes, in reference to derogatory remarks made by the Nevada rancher about black people. She generously uses the term ‘mudfish’ when blasting white women on social media who stand up for the civil rights of minorities.

She’s a far right winger who writes, “Barack and Eric are as guilty as Charles Manson is.”

In that same thread, she writes, “Our department is hiring!” as if she represents the Jolie Police Department.














On all social media accounts we found of hers, she consistently refers to black people as ‘ferals.’ She has the same writing pattern in each account, but to hear her tell it, she’s being harassed by accounts impersonating her.

But in her Facebook account before she locked it up, I noted her disparaging Ahmed Mohamed, the teenager who was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school.

All of her accounts are the same. Blacks are inferior to whites, according to Andie.





















According to Andie (I can call you Andie, right?), if your mother is/was single, your mother is a ‘whore.’
















According to Andie, if you’re a liberal, you deserve violence.













Throughout the years, possibly thousands of her comments have been archived on various sources.

In one of her husband’s alleged Disqus accounts, ‘Mighty Mike’ responds to a story titled “Cops Burn Baby’s Face By Tossing Explosive into His Bed.”

“Now lets see what STARTED THIS!! DRUG PARENTS!! and YOU WEAK MINDED are the ONES THAT WANTED the POLICE to do SOMETHING and CALLED THEM!!!!,” he writes. “A flash bang is NOT a GRENADE!! %$# MEDIA!! I GUESS YOU think the POLICE did this intentionally!! WEAK MINDED!! GOD BLESS the POLICE that PROTECT US!!”

(Republican caps and emphasis his)

Another account which others have attributed to Officer Pauly, includes this one, weighing in on slain teenager Trayvon Martin.

































As for the 15-year-old black girl she d0xed, her followers pursued her with rape and death threats. Her account is now locked down.

There is more revealing information on Andie that we will be reporting in the near future but I’m not at liberty to reveal the details at this time.

Finally, as much as Andie disparages young black girls who grow up poor – she, too, grew up in a very poor household in which she was one of seven foster children.

We urge you to look through the sources we linked to, then ask yourself if you would want this man patrolling your streets.

It would have been nice to hear the police department’s side of things, but alas, silence is also rather telling.

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Big thanks to @AnonCopWatch, Sarahcastic and @Oneforeachofyou for helping me to gather the information. There are others to thank, too, but far too many to list here.

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