Racist Note Left By Wendy’s Employees In Kids Meal


Two Wendy’s employees were fired after they wrote a racist note on an African American child’s kids meal toy.













Manige Osowski brought her family to the Wendy’s and  couldn’t believe it when her daughter opened the toy to see the note which featured the ‘N’ word as well as other derogatory remarks according to KDVR.

“I had to explain to my child what the ‘N’ word means and she’s never heard that term before,” Oswoski said.

Watch courtesy of KDVR:

About a dozen people protested outside the Wendy’s Tuesday in Colorado and the fast food giant apologized to the family, but the family said it won’t accept it until their children are formally apologized to.

“Our core values as a brand center around treating people with respect, and we have taken this situation very seriously. As soon as we learned what had occurred, we investigated and took swift action,” Wendy’s spokeswoman Candis Goins said. ” The two employees who were involved are no longer employed by Wendy’s. We also have reached out and have formally apologized to the customer.”

“While I do understand that two individuals were responsible for this, there’s a systemic problem that this isn’t addressed to the people it hurt,” Oswoski said.

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