Rand Paul Solves Gun Violence: Put ‘You Will Be Shot’ Stickers On School Windows


Sen. Rand Paul has totally solved the problem of mass shootings in this country with stickers. Why didn’t anyone ever think of that before? Problem solved!















As president, Rand Paul said he would encourage every school in America to place stickers on its windows warning potential criminals that teachers are armed and “you will be shot,” Right Wing Watch reports.

The Kentucky Republican told Iowa talk radio host Jan Mickelson that the Oregon shooting was “an incredible tragedy, but he said it was made worse by the president politicizing it and jumping in.

The president “doesn’t understand,” he said, that “the problem is mental illness and not necessarily gun registration or gun ownership.”

But to seriously address mental illness in this country, we should revisit the Mental Health Systems Act which was discarded by President Ronald Reagan and his Republican colleagues, don’t you think?

“The other common denominator, other than mental illness,” he added, “is that people are going to places where guns are prohibited. So when you have a gun-free zone at a school, it’s like an invitation, if you are crazy and want to shoot people, that’s where you go. I would do the opposite. I would have and encourage every school in American put stickers on every window going into the school saying, ‘We are armed. Come in at your own peril. We have concealed carry for teachers who have it and we also have armed security and you will be shot.’”

Right, except the Oregon community college was not a ‘gun free zone’ and there were others carrying concealed weapons nearby.

Audio courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

Such stickers should be placed on “every cockpit of every commercial airliner” and on “every school,” he said.

Paul added that he would support preventing “people who have exhibited criminal insanity” from owning guns, but such laws would have to be made at the state level.

He went on to say that things such as the lack of a “Christian foundation” in the country, may also be influencing mass shooting.

“I do think that we have generalized problems in our country that may somehow influence, I’m not sure they’re the answer, but I think that we lack a certain belief in right and wrong, a certain Christian foundation or religious foundation to our country anymore,” he said, “and I think some of this perversion is coming from that. But also there’s some things that are just inexplicable, that’s just mental illness, they’re not getting better with treatment and they’re not going to get necessarily better with religious influence as well.”

Over half of all women killed by partners between the years 2003 to 2012 were murdered with guns. A gun’s presence makes a woman seven times more likely to be murdered by her abuser, so maybe she should put a sticker on the mirror of the bedroom.

And with ‘accidental’ child shootings, just a put a sticker on the kid’s face.

Why just have this nifty idea at schools and planes? Aside from the fact that mass murders usually turn the gun on themselves after shooting up their targets and that would mean that the stickers would be meaningless.

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