Sounds Legit: Man Arrested For DUI Tells Cops His Dog Was Driving


A Florida man who was arrested for DUI Wednesday evening after he drove into two ditches, hid in a church bathroom, had a totally good excuse. The man told deputies that his dog had been driving the car.














Sounds legit.

When a Manatee County deputy saw a white four-door speeding through neighborhood streets around 8:00 p.m., the deputy attempted to pull the man over.

ABC Action News reports:

After activating the lights, the suspect vehicle accelerated while attempting a turn, and traveled into a ditch on the north side of the road. The driver, later identified as Reliford Cooper, overcorrected, swerved, and going right through another ditch, crashed into a home at 1708 18th Street East, and came to rest.

Cooper got out and started running behind the homes, according to deputies. A K9 tracked the man and found Cooper’s T-shirt in front of a church at 1720 18th Street East.

Not too long after that, a pastor from the church located a deputy to tell her someone was hiding in the bathroom inside the church.

Members of the Church then forced the man outside, and the deputy took him into custody.

While the police were handcuffing Cooper, he explained, “I wasn’t driving that car.”

He couldn’t seem to stop himself. He then asked, “Who was chasing me? You’re slow as ****!”

After the more-than-patient deputy smelled a strong odor of alcohol and marijuana, Cooper then said, “My dog was driving that car. I ran because I wanted to. You ain’t gonna find no drugs or guns on me.”

Then Cooper started puking. He told the deputy that he suffers from a back injury.

According to the Daily News, Cooper was taken to a local hospital for neck and stomach pains before he was booked on several charges that included drunken driving, aggravated fleeing and leaving the scene of an accident.

Wait for it. Gawker reports that no dog was found on the scene.

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Via: ABC Action News, Gawker, Daily News.

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