Trump Supporter Yelled Outside Of Mosque: ‘I’m Going To Kill You All’


More details have emerged on the man who expressed his support for Donald Trump, so much so that he wrote he would follow him to the ‘end of the world’ at some point before he was arrested for allegedly threatening to harm Muslims.


















Police officers had to evacuate his neighborhood Sunday morning to detonate an explosive device at his home before neighbors were allowed to return to the area.

The Mercury News reports that 55-year-old William Celli stood outside the Islamic Society on December 4th and yelled “I’m going to kill you all” at worshipers as they left a prayer service, the mosque’s leader said Monday.

The police were alerted by members of the mosque and an investigation was launched into the local plumber and self-proclaimed Donald Trump supporter who posted on Facebook that he would follow the Republican presidential candidate “to the end of the world.”

On Sunday, police arrested Celli after learning he posted a photo of a pipe bomb on social media, police said.

The mosque, which has several hundred members, has had to  hire private security guards to ensure the safety of its worshipers, Imam Hamza Mehter said.

“We’ve already been concerned about the hatred and Islamophobia … people saying things out of hatred or ignorance, so people are worried,” Mehter added. “I think this should be classified as not just a hate crime but terrorism.”

He added that this is the first time in the nearly two decades the mosque has been in that neighborhood that threats have been made.

Police waited two weeks before arresting Celli after they received the tip.

Celli is just another cog in the  Trump Effect.

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