‘Accidental’ Shooting Alert: Two Struck By Gunfire At Ohio Gun Show By An Idiot


In what was determined to be an accidental shooting at the Ohio Gun Collectors Association Show in Wilmington, Ohio, at least one person, possibly two were injured on Saturday.















Col. Brian Prickett of the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office said one man was injured when there was an accidental discharge of a gun, and another person may have also been struck, the Wilmington News Journal reports.

Prickett said he believes that any injuries were not life-threatening  and added that more details may be available Monday.

He also stated that the organization running the gun show is a “top-notch” one that is very safety conscious, and that normally the only loaded guns at the show “are ours” (sheriff’s deputies). He said that, to his knowledge, the gun show will continue today.

In 2013, gunfire erupted at a big gun show at North Carolina’s state fairgrounds in what officials called an accidental shooting.

WECT reported that a patron of the show, Gary Lynn Wilson of Wilmington, 36, approached the entrance to the building to have his shotgun checked out before going inside.

The gun was in a case, and as Wilson tried to open it for inspection, the gun ‘accidentally’ discharged.

In that incident, three people were injured, including 54-year-old Janet Hoover of Benson, 50-year-old Linwood Hester of Durham and 54-year-old Deputy Jake Alderman of Wake Forest, who is a retired Wake County Sheriff’s deputy who was working at the show.

If a gun owner can’t remember to unload his firearm, then perhaps, just maybe, he or she should not own a gun.

Because shootin’ people up ‘accidentally’ should never happen. And if a patron is a ‘collector’ as the show suggests, then that person should know better.

But guns don’t kill people, amirite? The bullets are a bitch though.

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Image: The Moral Arc.

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