Ted Cruz Forgot He Took Out A Second $500,000 Loan


I am starting to think Ted Cruz has a serious problem with his memory. Yes, we know politicians “stretch the truth”…OK, some lie. And the Republicans seem even better than most others at doing it and getting away with it. The GOP motto is “if you say it enough times, it becomes truth” (see Fiorina’s Planned Parenthood “kicking legs” harvesting body parts lie from the GOP debate). But it isn’t often that we catch a candidate lying about the same thing twice in a matter of days.

Enter Ted Cruz. Just hours before the most recent GOP debate, it came out in the press that Cruz had “forgotten” to file paperwork disclosing a $500,000 loan from Goldman Sachs, his wife’s employer, that was used to partially fund his 2012 Senate campaign. You know, the one he lied about and said was funded by liquidating his entire families savings. Yeah, not true.

Now, 24 hours later, we hear that he had a SECOND $500,000 loan from Citibank during the same time period that he also failed to disclose.  Look, I know he is rich, but to forget a million dollars? This isn’t chump change. No one has $1,000,000 hiding in their sofa cushions, unless you are celebrity boxer Floyd Mayweather or Dan Bilzerian (both are known for carrying large stacks of bills).  But back to Cruz. So he forgot a million dollars. I mean, he didn’t forget that he got it or used it. He forgot to report it. You know, legally. Which is funny because he got his law degree from Harvard. So he is a little bit smart.  But, apparently not smart enough to fill out legally required paperwork related to disclosing how he financed his campaign. Twice. For the same thing. For a million dollars!

The New York Times reports that Cruz sent a letter to to federal election officials on Thursday explaining it was merely a “paperwork error” that he forgot to disclose the Goldman Sachs loan and saying he had disclosed the loans in another public filing, albeit not the correct one. You know, the one the law requires. A lawyer would know that  Federal law requires that candidates provide details regarding campaign funding sources during the primary and general elections. The New York Times reports that Cruz’s justification is that he listed the loan on his “annual personal disclosure” form, which is where members of Congress list assets and income. Uh huh, convenient. So the public doesn’t see this and can’t connect the dots about loans for personal use versus campaign finances? Sounds kind of sneaky – deceptive even.

Prior to today’s latest discovery about the second loan, Cruz had only admitted the Goldman Sachs loan.  Did he disclose the second loan in this letter or will he write a second letter? What will his explanation be for the second “omitted” loan for around a half million dollars be? Is that one on his “annual personal disclosure form” or did he forget it all together? Is there a third loan?

My question is this – what will his punishment be? Deportation to Canada (I had to, sorry.)

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