Violence Breaks Out In Y’all Qaeda: ‘You Crackhead!’


There’s been some strange goings on in the Yeehaw encampmanent today. Raise your hand if you didn’t foresee a violent incident taking place soon? Well, you were correct.














Militants (not pictured, but you never know) who are currently occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon, and members of an outside group whose leader says he wants to get women and children out of the compound, ended up in a fight with one of them ending up in the hospital.

Oregon Live reports:

Lewis Arthur, who leads a group called Veterans on Patrol and calls himself an anti-violence patriot, arrived Wednesday afternoon with a small crew.

By Wednesday night, one of Arthur’s three-person crew was in the hospital, his eye blackened from a punch to the face.

Arthur said in an interview that the injuries were the fault of Blaine Cooper, a prominent member of the group of militants,. It’s hard to know who to believe since Cooper has falsely claimed to be a Marine.

According to Arthur, the militants inside the refuge didn’t agree with his mission to remove women and children, as well as prominent militant Ryan Payne, from the compound.

Payne is a colorful character, who in 2014 was at the Bundy ranch and later recalled, “We had counter-sniper positions on their sniper positions. We had at least one guy, sometimes two guys, per BLM agent in there.” He added,”If they made one wrong move, every single BLM agent in that camp would’ve died.”

And now presently, he’s a constant presence at the refuge since the occupation.

Jason Patrick, another participant in the Oregon standoff, said in a Facebook post that Arthur initiated the fight after he “assaulted a guard” in an attempt to enter the compound.

The outside group disagrees, however, Jon Ritzheimer, another occupier, said the guard was shoved aside, causing him to his hand to get bloody when he collided with his truck.

Arthur and Payne were once friendly, but he said that ended when Payne became radicalized and “suicidal.”

“He made it very clear out there that he wanted the federal government to go and take him out,” Arthur said, and added that Payne believed he would become a martyr in the ‘patriot’ community if he died for the cause, according to Oregon Live.”I had to come up here because I know what he wants.”

So directly across the street from the compound, Arthur and his group erected a military-style camo tent in support of the group’s latest standoff.

The trouble started when Arthur and his group entered the compound Wednesday night in hopes of convincing a female acquaintance to leave.

Arthur said Blaine Cooper punched him in the back of the head, then attacked his colleague who goes by the nickname J Dog.

J Dog went to the hospital.

Conservative radio host Pete Santilli, who has in the past said he wants to shoot Hillary Clinton ‘in the vagina,’ had some harsh words for Arthur.

“I’m about to (expletive) your day up!” Santilli yelled while storming away from the tent across the street.”You (expletive) with the wrong person, you (expletive) crackhead!”

The militia lost another member today when Brian Cavalier failed to return after a newspaper report revealed he lied about serving in the U.S. Marines.

And another one.

One of the militiamen announced that one of his buddies walked off the Oregon nature preserve and ended up at a local motel where he proceeded to drink away donation money.

Joe Oshaugnessy, who is known as “Capt. O,” left the refuge Wednesday and was instead staying at a motel nearby.

“It’s like finding out there is no such thing as Santa,” one of the occupiers said. “Come on, man.”


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