As New Hampshire Votes, Sanders Closes In On Clinton’s National Lead (VIDEO)


Hillary Clinton’s national lead over Bernie Sanders appears to have weakened in just a matter of days . On top of that, Anderson Cooper is reporting that Sanders holds a massive lead over Clinton in New Hampshire among 18 to 34-year-old women

The voters cast their ballots Tuesday in Sanders-friendly New Hampshire.

Fox News reports:

Two recent national polls show Sanders closing the gap against Clinton.

A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Clinton leading Sanders 48-45 percent.

And a Quinnipiac University poll from Friday showed Clinton leading 44-42 percent.

Both polls were taken since the Iowa caucuses.

The Vermont senator also has led in virtually every New Hampshire poll going into Tuesday’s primary, after narrowly losing to Clinton last week in the Iowa caucuses.

“When you’re making a revolution, you can’t be too careful about the facts,” Clinton said at a Milford, N.H., event Sunday, a swipe at Sanders’ call for political upheaval.

If millennials show up to vote like they did for Obama in 2008, that could be a game-changer.

Voting booths opened across most of New Hampshire at 8:00 a.m. EST. Ohio Gov. John Kasich bested Trump 3-2 among Republicans so far, while Sanders claimed all four votes among Democrats, according to CNN.

They day is not over and we’ll see it Trump and Hillary can turn that around. While Trump is faring well in Southern states, this might be a sign that moderate and liberal voters just aren’t that into his acidic and extreme tone.

“If there is a high turnout tomorrow, I think we are going to win. I urge you all: Come out and vote. #VoteTogether,” Sanders tweeted. While Hillary won Iowa in an extremely close race, and Sanders might enjoy a huge win in New Hampshire, the test will be how each candidate fares in states such as South Carolina, which is staunchly Conservative.

Meanwhile, Trump called Ted Cruz ‘a pussy’ in New Hampshire and the crowd cheered, “Trump Trump Trump!”

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Image: Twitter.

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