Descendents Of Confederacy Haven’t Finished Telling Us Just How Much Their Flag is Not Racist


We live in a time where Southern and Bible belt conservatives are trying to score wins like there’s no tomorrow. After licking their wounds from huge losses on same-sex marriage, Obamacare, and redistricting, one of the rights they’re still clinging hard to is “censorship.” And they’re fighting censorship hard in order to keep their right to raise the flag of the Confederacy.

Down in Alabama, members of three neo-Confederate groups are planning to erect a monument proudly featuring a large Confederate flag in front fo Alabama State University, the nation’s oldest state-sponsored historically black college. According to the Tallassee Tribune the Tallahassee chapter of Sons of Confederate Veterans (SVC), Tallassee Armory Guard (TAG) and First Capitol Flaggers (FTC) are already halfway to their $3,000 goal to complete the project.

The project was announced at TAG’s annual Lee-Jackson banquet, where Fred Randall Hughey announced the group had made a $500 donation. He also said a physician in Montgomery donated the land specifically for placement of the flag but the doctor’s name remains anonymous because he doesn’t want anyone to “pitch a fit” to interrupt the progress of the project.

Dana Jones, a found member of the FTC, said it made perfect sense for the flag to be there at the first capital of the Confederacy. Her reasoning? She wants it to spark interest in the role the state of Alabama played in the Civil War. According to Jones, as descendants of the Confederacy, their Confederate lives matter just as the lives of blacks.

When asked if she didn’t think the flag was a “slap in the face” against the predominantly black university, Jones responded: “I’m not prejudiced (or) racist, I am a Christian.”

*eye roll* I am so sick and tired of hearing the excuse that if you’re a Christian, you can’t be prejudiced. Mass shooter Dylan Roof in South Carolina, who murdered the African-American parishioners last year, remember him? He was Christian. So what’s your point?

Southerners never seem to want to remember that the official Declarations of every “Confederate” state during the Civil War era explicitly cited the preservation of slavery as a key reason for leaving the Union. So, come on, Ms. Jones, isn’t thrusting the flag in the faces of the predominately black student population at ASU so that they “remember their place?

When asked that question, given the current racial climate in the country, Jones responded, “We are descendants of Confederate veterans,” she said. “Our lives matter just as much.”

Seriously, Ms. Jones, you can’t possibly be comparing your lives to the thousands of African-American lives which have been murdered in the streets? Maybe you’re just angry you don’t have your own hashtag like #blacklivesmatter?

I have a few questions for you:

Our union has been indivisible for more than a century, so why raise a flag that was used by treasonous states who wanted to secede during the Civil War?

If not slavery, what exactly about the flag are you all identifying with?

And, finally, why claim it has nothing to do with racism and then fly it right across from the predominantly black students of ASU? There are plenty of other universities in Alabama you can choose, why this one?

I have a suggestion. Save all your money because, guess what? I’m sorry to tell you this but the South will not rise again.

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