Ted Cruz To Donald Trump: Go Ahead And Sue Me, You Big Meanie (VIDEO)


At the start of the 2016 Republican primary, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz refused to take pot shots at each other. Now they’re at each other’s throats. In what’s become a war of words since the Iowa caucuses, the bully billionaire from New York may just have met his match in the slick-talking attorney from Texas.

Last week Trump took to Twitter with a warning for Ted: “If @TedCruz doesn’t clean up his act, stop cheating, & doing negative ads, I have standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen.”

This week, The Donald is threatening to sue Cruz for an anti-Trump ad that’s been hitting the airwaves in South Carolina. (He actually thinks negative ads are illegal.) The ad in question shows Trump in past interviews talking about his pro-choice views and draws into question whether his recent conversion to being pro-life is real. Even though the commercial uses videos of Trump’s own words, he has spent the past few days calling Cruz a liar and bullying him into pulling the ad by threatening yet another lawsuit.

But everyone knows that the best way to fight back against a bully is to call their bluff. So that’s just what Cruz did at a press conference today. Cruz exploded and basically dared the Donald to sue him.

Mr. Trump, you have threatened frivolous lawsuits for your entire adult life and this takes the cake. So Donald, I would encourage you if you want to foil a lawsuit challenging this ad, claiming it is defamation file if the lawsuit.

Cruz added that Trump’s lawyers have sent his campaign a cease and desist letter about the ad, “But if Donald Trump files the lawsuit that he threatens, that lawsuit will be frivolous.”

And when he continued, it almost sounded as if Cruz was begging Trump to sue him.

But before the lawsuit ends in sanctions for Mr. Trump, it will be important to try the merits of the case, now any first year law student can tell you, in a defamation case, truth is an absolute defense.
Which means the substance of the case will be whether or not Donald Trump has been pro-choice. Notice, in the ad we don’t say that, we play video of Donald Trump saying he is very pro-choice and he is pro-choice in every respect.


In the end, it is doubtful that Trump would press ahead with the suit because Ted Cruz’s attorneys would force him to give a deposition under oath and ask him practically anything about his campaign including a drill-down of his abortion stances. But maybe that’s just what Cruz wants, to see Trump answer questions under oath and penalty of perjury and even depose Trump himself.

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