WATCH: Ammon Bundy’s Statement From Jail Demands Police And FBI ‘Go Home’


Ammon Bundy, the leader of the armed group of militants who took over the Malheur Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon, one month ago, released a statement while in custody. Before the taped message was played, Attorney Lissa Casey of Arnold Law said that Bundy was grateful for contributions. A donation page reveals that over $18,000 has been raised so far.

Bundy just learned of his indictment from a federal grand jury.

“This is Ammon Bundy, I am currently in jail, solitary confinement, and I’ve learned that I have just been indicted. I ask the question what are people to do?,” he’s heard saying in the taped statement via telephone.

“This is what you get when government officials ignore the people. We exhausted all prudent measures to get government officials to investigate the abuses to the Hammond family. Tens of thousands of people understood injustices were taking place by government officials, and their petitions were ignored,” he continued.

In full, the rest of the statement reads:

The results of government officials ignoring the people, are acts like the takeover of the Malheur Refuge. Taking over the refuge was not only right, it was the duty of the people to do. When government officials are acting in contrary to the people, they must not get away with it. The takeover of the Malheur Refuge was a needed action to show government officials that the people will not be complacent when they prosecute and bully good families like the Hammonds. Government officials chose to end our educational efforts with attacks of force, and it appears they intend to do it again. Go home Oregon State Police, you have already killed enough. Go home FBI, it is time to end this.
Thank you,
Ammon Bundy


Mr. Bundy, a good citizen of this country does not take over a bird sanctuary because an arsonist was sentenced for his crimes. That’s not how laws work. The courts don’t say, “We take it all back even though the Hammonds destroyed property, because Ammon Bundy said so from the refuge he took over, along with his followers.”

That would be a lawless society. Bundy was seen tearing down fences, destroying precious artifacts while plowing new roads to the refuge. The militants rifled through government papers, and his cohorts made threats then uploaded them to YouTube. Schools were shut down and businesses shuttered while the militants poured into the small town.

You made your bed. Have a nice rest in it. As for ‘educational efforts,’ a better one would be how to pass bills, instead of trying to force the Bundys’ will on others. On a community that wants them out of their small town so they can get their lives back.

The takeover has cost the county $100,000 per week. Ammon Bundy previously called for the remaining occupiers to go home and now he wants to the FBI to leave. The FBI is there because of their illegal occupation of a federally owned building.

The refuge was not their land to take. Cry me a river.

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