Tennessee Man Accidentally Fires Weapon, Shoots 19-Year-old Woman In The Neck


A Tennessee man unintentionally discharged his weapon, sending a bullet through a wall and into 19 year-old Carly Ellis’s neck. The victim is dead and Aaron Randal, 22, has to deal with the fact that she died from his own negligence.

The details as to what weapon was involved has not been released by the police.

“One occupant of the house was handling a firearm and negligently discharged that firearm,” police Chief Fred Fletcher said.

Ellis’ blood was all over Randal’s pants when police arrived on the scene.

The Times Free Press reports:

Later, he was handcuffed and placed in the back of a police car. He has not been charged with a crime, but Fletcher said he hasn’t ruled out charges. Investigators will work with District Attorney Neal Pinkston to determine if charges should be brought, Fletcher said.

“We are doing a complete investigation, and if somebody behaved in a way that was criminal we will work with the district attorney to make sure that the community has the opportunity to hold people accountable to any criminal charges,” Fletcher added.

Fletcher said Ellis and Randal were not related and the victim did not live at the home. Neither the victim or Randal have criminal histories.

Ellis is the sixth person in Chattanooga to be killed so far in 2016. Seven days ago, 41-year-old Michael Hines was shot to death at his mother’s home in Brainerd. And on March 2, 71-year-old Orlandus Metcalfe was gunned down while at home in his bed.

One person is dead at the hands of an irresponsible gun owner. The owner of the weapon will have to live with that for the rest of his life, whether he’s charged or not.

Ellis worked at a downtown club. It’s not clear how well the two knew each other. What is clear is that no one will ever get to know the young lady now.

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