‘Divisive Multiculturalism’: Senior Trump Policy Advisor’s Bizarre Columns


In politics these days, everything is up for inspection for the past year, for the past decade, and even back into the college years. Trump’s senior policy advisor seems to have written a few bizarre columns in his past. Stephen Miller wrote over two dozen columns for his Duke University newspaper about a ten years ago.

Miller has been a behind the scenes guy in Trump’s campaign, since he joined up in January and left Alabama senators Jeff Sessions. But after Ted Cruz started picking off a surprisingly large number of delegates, Trump shook up his campaign, and Miller shook out closer to the forefront. Miller is Trump’s top man on foreign and domestic policy.

In March, Miller made headlines when he told CNN that Trump’s retweet of a photo of Heidi Cruz at her worst “speaks for itself,’ as if the whole thing was a funny joke. But it is his college columns that are raising the heads of Trump critics.

Miller’s wrote 25 columns, primarily  between September 2005 and April 2007, over a range of hot button topics. Plus, his columns show a strange thought process. He called out “multiculturalism” and “segregation,” and said he believed that paid family leave was the cause of men:

“…getting laid off because [their] boss was losing too much money by paying absent employees.”

Miller seemed to believe that giving a janitor a birthday card, was an expression of “condescension,” rather than one of respect and appreciation.

In his column, Miller attacked Senator Ted Kennedy’s criticism of enhanced interrogation techniques, believing that criticism made the great senator “a traitor.” It was as if comparing the actions of the US military to our enemies meant:

“You have betrayed your nation and are morally guilty of treason.”

Miller wrote about the Duke lacrosse team scandal, where a black sex worker alleged sexual assault. He blamed those who thought the Duke team was guilty.

“There is racial disharmony in our society. And if they want to know the cause, they need look no further than the mirror.”

“A large number of people – instead of rejoicing at our peers’ innocence – will insist it is a conspiracy of white privilege.”

On race, Miller wrote about “racial paranoia,” saying systematic racism does a “tremendous disservice” to those who are racist and those racial minorities. He wrote:

“It saps their motivation and has devastating results on their potential for success.”

“As a deeply committed conservative who considers it his responsibility to do battle with the left. [Being] a “controversial figure” at Duke “is not in the least surprising.”

“Inside our borders, the nation of e pluribus unum [out of many, one] threatens to be fractured across ethnic lines by racial animus and divisive multiculturalism. We suffer from sagging patriotism, growing malaise and a loss of faith in the noble history and principles that have made us great.”

Miller believed liberals used Hollywood to promote a pro-LGBT conspiracy:

“Shows like Queer As Folk, The L Word, Will & Grace and Sex and the City all do their part to promote alternative lifestyles and erode traditional values.”

Apparently, Miller is just the type of guy Trump would like.

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