Women Are Just A Tad Bit Angry With Gov Mike Pence (Video)


After Indiana Governor Mike Pence recently signed into law further restrictions on abortion access, he’s been trolled hard on social media. From that, it escalated to phone calls to the Republican governor’s office with women describing their menstrual cycles to the unfortunate person who had to answer the phones if Pence was not available. The backlash has been fierce. The Periods for Pence Facebook page instigated the trolling  and the page took off after being reported by a long list of sites and even the New York Times.

Today, there was a rally at the statehouse in Indiana. Women are pissed off. They have had it.

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We’re pretty sure Pence was aware of the rally.












Women are not amused with the Republican Governor’s latest actions.












There was a large turnout.














Christie Luther Hurst, a 36-year-0ld Republican voter, was baffled by the bill, too, according to the Indianapolis Star. She wasn’t at the rally to my knowledge but she did speak to a reporter about the anti-abortion law.

She said she voted for Mike Pence in 2012, and added, “I voted for him thinking, ‘Oh, he’s a Republican. He’ll do the right thing.’”

Hurst is a former campaign staffer for Mitch Daniels, and said she supports limited government and fiscal responsibility.

But Hurst said that instead of those issues being addressed, the Governor gave his constituents the Religious Freedom Restoration Act — and now, a controversial abortion law.

“And now I’m just embarrassed,” said Hurst.

“I look at the Republican Party today and the conversation that’s coming out of the Republican leadership, and it’s almost unrecognizable to me,” she added. “It doesn’t represent me. As a Republican, but being socially moderate, I’m in a really tough spot right now.”

Anti-gay laws recently created by Republicans are already harming their states financially. As for laws against a woman’s right to choose, it appears that Republicans have forgotten that women consist of a large section of the voting population.

Ladies, you can tweet the Governor to inform him about your period here. Is it regular? Are there any problems? Have you had your pap smear? Dr. Governor Mike Pence needs to know.

H/T: FON’s own @CarlaAkins, with thanks.

Images: Periods for Pence.

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