‘Supernatural’ Star Misha Collins On Trump: What ‘A F*ckhead’ (VIDEO)


Misha Collins, the star of the hugely popular show TV show ‘Supernatural,’ went to a rally for Donald Trump. Collins, who plays the part of an angel named Castiel in the show, was not impressed with Trump or his supporters.

Collins said at the beginning of the clip  on his Facebook page that Trump is ‘fodder for a lot of comedic material.’ So, he went to the rally and interviewed a lot of the presumptive GOP nominee’s supporters.

Crooks and Liars reports:

Collins attended a Trump rally, somewhat in disguise. If someone was a fan of the show, they would know it was him; he told them his name was Misha. He carried his phone cam and interviewed people at the rally….

Anti-immigrant, pro-torture, pro-White Supremacy, and aggrieved. That’s who Misha Collins found at this rally, and he doesn’t mince words about his opinion of this candidate and what he represents.

“I am certainly going to actively oppose Donald Trump’s candidacy, and I would encourage you to…to not be apathetic,” Collins said.

“Don’t be complacent. Get out there, and make sure that…something…[scoffs] make sure that we don’t end up with this f*ckhead in our White House,” he added.

Watch, courtesy of Misha Collins:


Trump supporters don’t seem to mind the GOP front-runner using an atomic bomb if his political aspirations are achieved. A Muslim ban is OK with them.

“He has no qualms with demonizing these groups,” Collins said.

One of the GOP front-runner’s supporters said at the rally, “Trump’s got it right. Put the fear of God in everybody.” “We’re willing to deport everybody,” the man said.

“It’s full of hatred and generalization,” Collins said just while exiting the rally.

The crowd cheered when Trump brought up torture. Think about that for a moment.

H/T: Crooks and Liars.

Featured image: Screengrab via Collins’ Facebook page.


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