WATCH: GOP Candidate In Awkward Interview Fails To Explain Forged Signatures


A reporter with KMGH grilled a U.S. Senate candidate on Thursday about allegedly forged signatures which helped to afford him a spot on the Republican primary ballot in Colorado. It was an extremely awkward conversation.

Talking Points Memo reports:

Marshall Zelinger cornered Jon Keyser after the candidate apparently evaded multiple requests for comment—including a home visit—about allegedly forged signatures on a petition for him to appear on the Republican primary ballot in June. Zelinger reported earlier this week that 10 voters whose names appeared on Keyser’s petition denied signing it.

 Zelinger asked what Keyser would tell the voters who have said they did not sign his petition. Keyser began the awkward interview by referring to Zelinger as “Mitchell.”

“It’s Marshall, that’s okay,” Zelinger said.

“First name? Marshall? Okay,” Keyser responded. “Marshall, here’s the important thing. The important thing is that I’m on the ballot. Okay?”

Zelinger pressed on with his question but Keyser blamed Democrats for bringing up the issue.

Zelinger did not give up.

“Well, Mitchell they told you—” Keyser said.

“Marshall,” Zelinger patiently said again.

“Marshall,” Keyser said. “They told you that, but wait—hold on—were you the guy that was creeping around my house yesterday?”

“Ah, you woke up my kids,” Keyser remarked. “Yeah you woke up my kids. My baby cried for an hour after that. Did you—did you get to meet my dog?”

“I met your dog and your nanny. She was very kind,” Zelinger replied.

“My dog, he’s a great dog. He’s bigger than you are,” Keyser said. “He’s huge. He’s a big guy. Very protective.”

“I don’t know what that meant, but okay,” Zelinger said.

“There are people like you that’ve done the Democrats’ work, that’ve spent hundreds of hours on this,” Keyser said. “It’s not gonna take away from the fact that I’m on the ballot and I’m gonna beat Michael Bennet.”

At the end of the interview Zelinger asked “Did you know any of the signatures were forged?”

Keyser walked away.

Zeligner wrote on Facebook that he did go to the politician’s home and contacted the Keyser campaign on Tuesday, hours before the story aired.

He then reached out to the state GOP for help. The chairman was aware of his attempts to reach the Keyser campaign, he wrote. He added that on Wednesday,  he “went to the offices listed on the Federal Election Commission documents submitted by Keyser when he submitted his affidavit to become a candidate.”

“Wednesday night, I contacted the campaign again and received no response,” he writes.

By Thursday, this happened:


As you can see, the question was never answered. But Keyser did, for some reason, manage to bring up Obamacare and Democrats in the interview — neither of which have anything to do with the question.

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