WATCH: Samantha Bee Hilariously Comforts Man Who Donated To GOP Losers (VIDEO)


If a person consistently bets on a loser, it would be wise to stop betting. But this guy just keeps on pouring millions down a deep super PAC hole. TBS’s “Full Frontal” Samantha Bee decided to let us meet this loser on her Monday show.

None of us likes the Supreme Court’s billionaire baby, the creation of super PACs, which suck in unlimited amounts of money from anonymous rich people, who then can expect special treatment.

Wealthy attorney Mel Immergut bet his bucks on Mitt Romney during the 2012 election, and the attorney said:

‘I don’t seem to bring much success with me.’

He told Bee that he also bet wrong on Rudy Giuliani, and just this political season, Jeb Bush. Immergut said this about Romney’s loss:

‘[It was] the biggest disappointment in my life. I went home the next morning and I went to Thailand and I communed with nature. And I went to South America on another long trip. And I came back and I didn’t watch TV or read newspapers.’

Then Immergut decided that he should back the latest Bush to run for president, Jeb, also described by the rich attorney as the candidate who “never had a chance:”

‘I want to influence as much as I can for the good of the country.’

When Immergut had to recommend Jeb get some new suits, that might have been a clue that his candidate wasn’t enthusiastic about a run or enthusiastic about the makeover. Bee called it the “world’s most subtle makeover.”

Then, Bee showed Immergut a shoddy direct mail piece put out by Bush’s super PAC. The piece Photoshopped out the head of a black man standing behind but, but didn’t change the hand skin tone. Immergut said:

‘It looks like he’s wearing a glove.’

Bee asked the attorney:

‘Did they just Photoshop out the black man who had his hands around Jeb Bush’s hips?’

The big-dollar donor acknowledged it didn’t look good, but his reason for supporting Bush was:

‘We would have been in good hands. One of them is African-American.’

Bush is returning some of the remaining super PAC money, but Immergut is unlikely to get his back, because Bush’s chairman paid himself an “undetermined” salary and for what Bee said were “endless amounts of crappy ads,” created by the chair’s own company.

Immergut hopes the pain will ease, but when Bee asked who he thought would be the 2020 candidate, the attorney began talking about House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Donor addiction is a sad thing.

To watch the full interview, check out the video below.

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H/T: TBS’s “Full Frontal” and Raw Story.

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