‘Heterosexual Pride Day’ Doesn’t Go Down Well On Twitter, Hilarity Ensues


#HeterosexualPrideDay is trending on Twitter as we look back at the persecution of straight people in America. Try to order a wedding cake for a straight couple or kiss in public. When will the straight persecution end? This weird trending topic was created by someone known only as Sam, according to the Daily News.

Sam treated it as an answer to the question, “Why do ‘straight’ men and women go to the gay pride parades?” Sam followed that with a tweet, “Direct all tweets of disapproval of this holiday to me and me only,”

And BOOM! It’s trending on Twitter, with conservatives bursting with Straight Pride — people who have been ostracized from society for loving their significant others. For being ‘born that way.’ As anti-straight legislation is created and straight people wonder where they will be allowed to pee, the hashtag #HeterosexualPrideDay was created.

The heterosexualy proud Twitter users found that there was a backlash on social media.

Poor heteros received a heavy dose of sarcasm.

And jokes. There were lots of jokes.


The inevitable mocking of the poor straights ensued.

On a serious note, one twitter user explained the need for Gay Pride day by using a meme.

Some weird anti-straight woman weighed in, too.


NCB reports:

June 29th is being celebrated by some straight males and females as “Heterosexual Pride Day”. It has included marches and other events by those who say they want “equality” when it comes to sexuality and holidays.

Here’s the thing. The same Conservatives who are ‘proud’ today of being heterosexual, likely object to Black History Month, too. Or trans people peeing in public bathrooms. Or gay couples marrying. So, let them burst with pride while being homophobic and stripping the LGBTQ community of their rights in this country. Some pastors have even called for the death of gay people – not heterosexuals – following the shooting in a gay Florida nightclub which left 49 people dead and injured 53 others. Let them be proud of their bigotry. It only highlights the need for equality.

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