Protester Shuts Down Fox ‘News’ Reporter: ‘We Are Empowered’ And You Can’t Lie Anymore (VIDEO)

Watch Baton Rouge protester Byron Cole call out a Fox News reporter for helping spread Fox News lies about the Black Lives Matters movement.

What’s worse than a Fox ‘News’ reporter spreading lies about your protest? A Fox News reporter hiding his press badge so you can’t tell he’s there to spread lies about your protest.

Byron Cole called out a Fox News “journalist” for hiding his press badge at a Black Lives Matter protest in Baton Rouge. The reporter stammered something about his boss telling him to do it, but Cole laid down the law. Atlanta Black Star reports:

A Huffington Post journalist captured a heated moment at a protest Sunday night in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in the aftermath of the Alton Sterling shooting on July 5.

In the video by David Lohr, Baton Rouge resident Byron Cole calls out a Fox News journalist who appeared to be “covering” his press badge while reporting. Cole confronts the man and tells him that the media is profiting from the suffering of Black people.

“Okay. So let’s start here.” Black Lives Matter protester stops Fox News reporter dead in his tracks.

After the Fox News reporter muttered his lame, #SorryNotSorry not-apology, Byron Cole stopped him dead in his tracks to school him on some new facts of life. Thanks to social media, white America’s days of lying about black people and their protest movements (and getting away with it) are over.

“Okay. So let’s start here. Right here. That disrespect that you just pushed at right there is the number one issue in America. I got you on tape, homie, covering up your badge. If we’re live on Facebook, you heard me, and everybody on there saw that. So, see? The justice system, the substantiation that you’re trying to force feed me through your privilege? From you owning the stage? The forum? That’s OVER in America.”

And just in case the Fox News Reporter doesn’t get what the Black Lives Matter movement is protesting against, Byron Cole explains how racism in policing works as if he were explaining to a child.

“The officer has tons of discretion and he can decide to shoot a man down in the parking lot of a gas station [in black communities]. Whereas where white people live, it’s operating under a legalistic system, which has to go by the book. I know that. You know that. Fox News knows that. CNN knows that. ”

Byron Cole then proclaims, in no uncertain terms, that Fox and other news outlets can’t do this anymore. They don’t get to come into black communities and spin false narratives about black people while stoking racist fears to boost their ratings. Not without getting called out on their bullshit for all the world to see.

“And what the deal is, y’all won’t have no more room to air anything in our neighborhoods and benefit off our tragedies unless we gonna talk about what the hell we want to talk about.”

Because here’s the deal. Black people are now empowered to tell their own stories, free from the lies of Fox News reporters. They have smartphones with video cameras.

“We are empowered and we don’t have to rely on any of your institutions to spread any of the words because, first and foremost, y’all mitigate everything and you spin everything from your perspective. All Black people now have smartphones and we’re all aware of the contradictions and the double standards. The cat’s out the bag, man. We understand.”

Byron Cole even tells the Fox News reporter the video below will get at least 200,000 views not including Facebook. The video has 102,000 views on Facebook alone so far.

The Fox News reporter then tried to sound all calm and reasonable like he wants to help. Alas for him, the surrounding Black Lives Matter protesters drowned him out with their shouts and blaring car horns because they were having none of that.

Watch: Black Lives Matters protester Byron Cole calls out Fox News Reporter.

Featured image: HuffPost Black Voices via Facebook.

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