‘Christian’ Pastor Challenges Women To Arm-Wrestle Him To Prove Men Are Superior (VIDEO)


Freaky homophobic Pastor Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Phoenix, Arizona is desperate to prove his manhood again, this time challenging women to an arm-wrestling match.

In a recent sermon, the Far Right Christian pastor told his mindless flock of sheep: “The Bible teaches that the husband is the head of the wife and that wives should obey their husbands.”


This is the same Pastor Anderson who celebrated the Pulse club massacre in Orlando with an epic rant calling for the government to use the death penalty on homosexuals and said “It’s wrong for a wife to refuse sex.”

He proudly displays his Neanderthal cattle bone club in church, right above the statue of Christ on the cross.

The pastor’s afraid YouTube will deactivate his account if he keeps posting his anti-gay sermons, so he posted that rant on Archive.org instead. You must have a user name and password to log-in.

Anderson’s sermon continued with these delightful words of wisdom gone wrong:

“People have been doing it my way for the past 6000 years and it’s worked out great, but we’re supposed to get on this trendy little faggoty type of relationship.”

Evidently he believes The Flinstones is a documentary. And “his” way? Missionary style. Bo-rrrring! Don’t get me started on his use of that “f” word. Ugh.

“Me and my wife are supposed to have the same authority? That doesn’t appeal to me. Being a hetero kind of a guy, I want to be different from my wife.”

Their body parts are indistinguishable?

“Women are not wired to want to be in charge and rule over a man. Even the feminist women deep down are like ‘please rule over me’.”

As if this knuckle-dragger has ever met a feminist.

“We as Christians should follow a Biblical lifestyle, and honestly women are just as happy in this lifestyle as men, when the husband is the leader.”

Only women as unintelligent as this aggressive ice-age Neanderthal.

“I challenge any woman right now to come up and arm wrestle me right now. I’m going to make the challenge that I’ve made over and over again.”

It’s the only way he cums (pun intended) to meet women, arm wrestling.

“I’ve had about five women take me up on that over the years and they went down and they went down hard, alright?,” he said. “I even made my wife arm-wrestle me.”

I’m sure he does; it’s the only way she will go down on him to get him hard.

H/T: Pink News.

Big thanks to Tom Connolly for the tip.

Featured image via screen capture. 

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