Police Officers Discover Elderly Couple Suffering From Extreme Loneliness & Cook Them Pasta

Police officers cook lonely elderly couple plate of pasta.

When four police officers in Rome responded to a call of loud crying and shouting in an apartment building, they didn’t discover a crime scene, theft, or fighting. They discovered an elderly couple that had lived a life of loneliness with only a television to keep them company.

The elderly couple, Jole and Michele, were watching television. If you’ve turned on the news lately, there isn’t much happiness to be seen. It’s not good for ratings, and it seems so hard to find lately. According to Buzzfeed, Michele asked Jole why there was so much hate in the news. Both Jole and Michele cried and cried so loudly neighbors called the police.

After noticing it appeared as if the couple had not had a proper meal in quite some time, one of the officers cooked Jole and Michele a plate of pasta (spaghetti, butter, and parmesan), and the other responding officers visited with the couple. An ambulance was called to check on them also.

Police officers cook pasta for a lonely elderly couple.
Image via Facebook.

Jole and Michele had spent almost 70 years together, a lifetime; however, no one had visited them in quite some time. Their only company was their television, which doesn’t offer much comfort either.

The story was posted on the police department’s Facebook page and then reported on by Buzzfeed.

It’s hard to imagine that a plate of pasta could make such a difference for two people, but I’m sure it did. It was the difference between a night of loneliness and a night of visitors and conversation. It’s also easy to forget lately that there are more good cops in this world than bad cops, but this is a testament to that that the good does outweigh the bad, and it does so worldwide – not just in our nation. I hope the officers continue to visit the elderly couple, and I hope that the general public will see their Facebook post and take it upon themselves to reach out.

Featured image via Facebook.

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