Trump Adviser Loses His Mind After Seeing Donald’s Image In A Cloud (TWEETS)


Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s lawyer and top adviser, made the news recently when he lost his shit on CNN and refused to accept that the GOP presidential candidate’s poll numbers were dropping. A CNN anchor asked Cohen about the polls and he kept responding was “Says who?”

Cohen has taken his affection for Donald to another level of insanity. He saw a cloud and thinks it looks like Donald so he tweeted the image saying, “In case anyone is unsure as to who will be our next #POTUS, the Lord has chosen the people’s messenger.”

Shoshana Weissmann of the Weekly Standard was quick to point out that even Cloud-Trump has tiny hands.

Twitter users piled in on Cohen’s crazy-time tweet.

My Twitter pal Erick weighed in.

In case you missed his poll meltdown, we’re reposting it:

Hey Cohen, which cloud? And this is why there are lawyer jokes. We do hope Michael Cohen gets the help he needs. Clouds are not an indication of which candidate will get the keys to the White House. Polls are.

Featured image via screen capture. 

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