Conspiracy Theorist Donald Trump Now Saying Obama Stole North Carolina In 2008


Donald Trump gave a speech in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on Monday night in which he warned the crowd that the election may be “rigged” against him. That has been his latest favorite talking point which has left many Republicans throwing their arms in the air in disbelief. President Obama told the man-baby candidate to ‘stop whining.’

Still yet, Trump continued his conspiracy theory, saying that “it is possible” that illegal votes from undocumented immigrants may have won President Obama the state of North Carolina in 2008. However, undocumented workers are not allowed to vote.

“It could have provided the margin of victory,” Trump said.

Think Progress reports:

There’s no credible evidence backing up Trump’s claim. Nonetheless, his campaign is backing him up — with even more misinformation.

Trump’s campaign co-chair Sam Clovis was asked in a radio interview if Trump’s claims about North Carolina were “irresponsible,” to which Clovis responded, “it raises an issue.”

“I’ve done a lot of work and study in this area, so here’s what happens: you have the opportunity for illegal immigrants to come to the state, and the state loosens its laws to provide for individuals to get drivers licences in the state, illegal or otherwise,” Clovis said.

Then, according to Clovis, once the undocumented immigrants obtain a drivers license, “what happens sometimes is that you are able to register to vote because you establish residency.”

Except there’s this:

Clovis’ defense of Trump’s comments is based on a wholly false premise: North Carolina does not allow undocumented immigrants to obtain drivers licences.

On CNN Tuesday afternoon, Trump senior advisor Boris Epshteyn said, “Barack Obama may have won in 2008 in North Carolina due to illegal voting.”

There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud.

Of course, there’s not one bit of evidence to back these claims but there’s a lot of evidence to disprove them. The Trump camp is using dangerous rhetoric to rile up its already angry base. Trump knows he’s going to lose and he’s using ‘rigged election’ rhetoric as any easy out when he’s defeated.

‘A lie told often enough becomes the truth.’

Featured image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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