Cowardly Trump Tells People Who Are ACTUALLY Brave That He Is Brave, Too


Donald Trump was speaking at his rally in Selma, North Carolina last night with a group of Medal of Honor recipients behind him. When he chose to address them, and the crowd, he said, “Oh, they’re so much more brave than me. I wouldn’t have done what they did.”

He could have stopped there and the respect would have been echoed. He’s right, he wouldn’t have done what they did considering he received several draft deferments during the Vietnam War.

Of course, Trump didn’t stop there. He then continued:

I’m brave in other ways. I’m brave — I’m financially brave.

And, there it is. It’s always, always, always about this money. He’s rich so that means doing business and making billions building stuff is a sacrifice and taking risks with that money that ultimately gets written off on Federal taxes or included in bankruptcy filings is “financially brave.”

Trump has said he has other brave moments, also. He once told Howard Stern that the 1980s was his own “personal Vietnam” while avoiding sexually transmitted diseases.

I feel like a great and very brave soldier.

Without having a concept of what true bravery and sacrifice are, how can he possibly fill the position of Commander-in-Chief?

Watch Donald Trump tell Medal of Honor recipients that he is brave, too.

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