WATCH: Trump Supporter Assaults Protester, Gets What He Deserves (VIDEO)

A Trump supporter tackled a protester and shoved him down the stairs in mid-speech during a rally at Ohio State University in Columbus.
Photo: Video screen grab via The Lantern.

A Trump supporter tackled a protester and shoved him down the stairs in mid-speech during a rally at Ohio State University in Columbus. But unlike so many of the bullies who’ve assaulted anti-Trump protesters at the president elect’s rallies, this one didn’t get away with it.

The Lantern, Ohio State’s newspaper, reports campus rallies against Donald Trump and the GOP’s hateful agenda had been peaceful until Monday evening.

During a protest that ended up concluding in the Ohio Union, an anti-Trump protester was tackled while he was delivering a speech. The protester, who appears in court documents as Timothy Adams, was knocked down from where he was standing on the steps leading to the second floor.

As shown in the video below, this attack went beyond the usual pushing, shoving, dragging, and punching. Timothy Adams was standing on the stairs of the student center and giving a speech when the Trump supporter ran down the stars, cried out, “YOU IDIOT!”, then launched himself in a flying tackle.

“Timothy Adams’ bullhorn and glasses were shattered upon impact with the tile floor of the Union. People surrounding the stairs immediately reacted in an outbreak of violence that was quickly broken up by police officers at the scene.’

Shane Michael Stanton, the Trump supporter, got pummeled by a handful of anti-Trump protesters as others tried to break up the fight. He was then arrested by police and hauled away as the crowd called out “Shame! Shame!”

The Washington Post adds that Shane Michael Stanton — a fourth year political science student — was charged with one count of misdemeanor assault and was arraigned on Tuesday morning.

University President Michael Drake, of course, gave the usual bland statement in which he asked students and teachers to be civil:

‘We protect First Amendment rights actively, but we do not under any circumstances tolerate intimidation or threats to students, faculty, staff or visitors to our campus.’

We’ll see how long our First Amendment Rights remain protected once Mein Trumpf assumes office.

In an op-ed for The New York Times on Sunday, Sen. Bernie Sanders lamented the rise in bullying and harassment in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory.

I am deeply distressed to hear stories of Americans being intimidated and harassed in the wake of Mr. Trump’s victory, and I hear the cries of families who are living in fear of being torn apart. We have come too far as a country in combating discrimination. We are not going back. Rest assured, there is no compromise on racism, bigotry, xenophobia and sexism. We will fight it in all its forms, whenever and wherever it re-emerges.

Luckily, Timothy Adams wasn’t seriously injured, though bullhorns and glasses are danged expensive these days. After the police and the Trump supporter were gone, he quipped:

“Can I finish my speech now?”

And the anti-Trump protesters laughed and cheered.

Watch: Trump supporter tackles protester and shoves him down the stairs in mid-speech.

Featured image: Video screen grab via The Lantern.

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