‘He Will Kill Us All’: Twitter Slices, Dices And Serves Trump’s Travesty Of A ‘Press Conference’

The good news is America finally got to see Donald Trump's first press conference as president-elect. Alas, that's the bad news too.
Featured image: Video screen grab via Fox News with tweets and pull quotes added.

The good news is America finally got to see Donald Trump’s long-awaited first press conference as president-elect on Weds. Alas, Donald Trump’s press conference was the bad news too. And it was every bit as awful as we all imagined.

Here are some highlights — or perhaps the terms “low lights” or “gaseous exhalations of hot air” are more accurate — from Donald Trump’s press conference.

  • The president-elect grudgingly admitted, “as far as hacking, I think it was Russia.” But later on he added, “But you know what? It could have been others also.”
  • Donald Trump insisted the “golden showers” memo and other reports on his relations with Russia are “fake news,” and repeatedly refused to answer reporters’ questions.
  • Mein Trumpf also insisted that if Vladimir Putin prefers him to Hillary Clinton, “that is called an asset, not a liability.”
  • He then told reporters he’ll repeal Obamacare and replace it “almost simultaneously.”
  • The president-elect lashed out at Jim Acosta from CNN for their reporting, sneering “your organization’s terrible,” and “don’t be rude.”
  • At the end of Donald Trump’s press conference he assured us he’ll turn his businesses over to his sons, and if they do a bad job eight years down the road (eight years?!?!), “I’ll say you’re fired.”

That’s right. The president-elect ended the event by saying, “you’re fired.”

Here’s the video with Donald Trump’s press conference in case you missed it.

Top 21Twitter reactions to Donald Trump’s “press conference.”

1. And the biggest takeaway from Donald Trump’s press conference is…”He will kill us all.”

2. And the “Freudian slip of the decade” is…

3. Donald Trump’s press conference shows just how awful he truly is.

4. Vladimir Putin liking Donald Trump is an asset?

5. Maybe we can have CNN removed from all public places…

6. Did someone say eight years?

7. “I have no conflict situation because I am president.”

8. Former president of Mexico Vicente Fox trolls Mein Trumpf again.

9. Nooooooooo!

10. Speaking of “fake news”…

11. Scary, but true.

12. “May God have mercy on our souls.”

13. “Complete separation?”

14. Because, Freedumbs.

15. “You are not Gollum. Or are you…”

16. At Donald Trump’s press conference, he claimed no one cares about his tax returns. Twitter begs to differ.

17. Donald Trump 101 for “journalists.”

18. From the mouths of babes…

19. Remember Donald Trump’s “birther rumors” about President Barack Obama? It’s payback time…

20. …Only this time the allegations might be true.

21. If you’re still drinking the Koolaid after this press conference, you’ve got a problem.

22. LOL.

23. Obama’s never “had crowds” like Donald Trump’s…His are much bigger.

Featured image: Fox via YouTube.

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