WATCH: Melania Trump Defends Husband’s Racist Birther Rumors (VIDEO)

Melania Trump tries to stay out of the spotlight, but keeps drawing unwanted attention. But before defending her, let's not forget that she's a birther.
Photo: Video screen grabs from HLN via YouTube.

Melania Trump tries to stay out of the spotlight, but still keeps drawing lots of unwanted attention. Her racy photos and stint as a model in the U.S. without a work visa can be dismissed as youthful indiscretions. But her more recent faux pas like “borrowing” from a speech by Michelle Obama, and choosing not to move into the White House have also raised eyebrows.

Yet even many of those who loathe her husband gallantly insist that we leave Melania Trump alone. This is all well and good. But let’s not forget that she, too, is a “birther” who supported now-President Donald Trump’s demands for then-President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, and then insisted the one he produced wasn’t good enough.

That’s right. In an April, 2011 interview with Joy Behar on HLN (now part of CNN) Melania Trump defended and echoed her husband’s attempts to delegitimize a sitting president of the U.S. because of his name and the color of his skin.

After playing coy about whether Donald Trump planned to run in 2012, Joy Behar asked about the birther rumors point-blank.

“What is this with the birth certificate obsession? Did he [Donald Trump] ask to see yours when you met him?”

Melania Trump, of course, took that question as a chance to assert her (not entirely) legal presence in the U.S.

“Well I needed to put mine, anyway, because if you want to become an American citizen, you need to put the birth certificate. I have a birth certificate from Slovenia. And…do you want to see President Obama’s birth certificate or not?”

When Joy Behar said she’s seen Barack Obama’s birth certificate, Melania Trump insisted, “It’s not a birth certificate.” Behar then protested that the document produced by the state of Hawaii is standard for live births in the state.

“But, Melania, if he insists on what he’s saying, then no one in Hawaii can ever run for president. Because they all get the same live birth certificate…Bette Midler [the Honolulu-born singer, actress, and producer]  is finished, for example.”

But Melania Trump kept on going as though no birth certificate had been produced at all. She even copied one of her husband’s signature moves and claimed that he’s not the one who wants to see the birth certificate, everyone else wants to see it.

“They need to have, and, in one way, it would be very easy if President Obama just show it and…It’s not only, it’s not only Donald who wants to see it, it’s [the] American people who voted for him and who didn’t vote for him. They want to see that.”

A thoroughly annoyed Joy Behar snapped:

“It’s on display in Chicago, we’ve seen it on the internet. We’ve seen it. It is not the same as yours, but it is a certificate of live birth.”

Yet Melania Trump tried to dismiss it again, saying, “we feel it’s different than [a] birth certificate.” Joy Behar tried to clap a stopper on those capers by declaring, “Alright, well, I think you should give it up.” But Melania Trump once again insisted it’s not her and her husband, it’s the media that wants to see Barack Obama’s birth certificate:

“Well, it’s not him that is bringing up; it’s the media all the time, all the time. “

Finally, like a babysitter trying to distract a child from a willful fancy, Joy Behar changed the subject:

“Let’s talk about your jewelry.”

Watch: Melania Trump defends her husband’s “birther” rumors about then-President Barack Obama.

While no one knows exactly how the birther rumors about Barack Obama started, it’s clear that Donald Trump played a major role in fanning the flames as he mulled a presidential run for 2012.

Furthermore, Melania Trump clearly shares Donald Trump’s hardline stance on immigration…Despite her own illegal stint in the U.S. as a model. In February, she even falsely told MSNBC:

“I follow the law. I never thought to stay here without papers.”

In the same interview, Melania Trump also declared, “I don’t feel he [Donald Trump] insulted the Mexicans…He said ‘illegal immigrants.'” Luckily, the president’s supporters don’t seem to mind “illegal immigrants” of the fair-skinned, sexy, and female persuasion.

Featured image: Video screen grabs via HLN/CNN via YouTube.

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