‘Bowling Green Massacre’ Memorials Mock Trump Team (VIDEO)

Trump's WH counsel has created a monster

“We’re commemorating the victims of Bowling Green,” Chris Bauer told a small crowd of New Yorkers last night outside a subway station named for the Kentucky town. “It never happened so they were never commemorated.”

With tongues firmly in cheek, the group held a mock memorial to mock White House counsel Kellyanne Conway last night with chants of “we all are Bowling Green, never remember never forget.”

Conway probably did not realize that she was galvanizing America against her “alternative facts” and fake news when she made her hysterical remarks to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Thursday.

“I bet it’s brand new information to people that President Obama had a six-month ban on the Iraqi refugee program after two Iraqis came here to this country, were radicalized and they were the masterminds behind the Bowling Green massacre,” Conway told Matthews.

Conway tried correcting herself later, tweeting that she had meant to say “Bowling Green terrorists” in reference to two Iraqi men who were arrested in 2011 for attempting to give material aid to Al Qaeda. But the damage was already done.

As countless news outlets and Twitter users reminded Conway and the Trump team over the next 48 hours, no such massacre ever took place. Now the “Bowling Green Massacre” has become a cultural watershed, a shared joke about the Trump administration that will define it forever.

In Bowling Green, Kentucky, another small crowd carried signs reading “Never Remember” and restaurant patrons ate “Bowling Green Massacre” pizza, according the the New York Daily News.

The specialty pizza with blackened chicken, macaroni and cheese and jalapenos was on pace to set a one-day sales record at the restaurant, said owner Josh Poling.

Profits from the night will go to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups and extremists.

Conway has created a monster. The fake vigils and pizza specials will probably not last longer than a weekend, but the mockery will never stop. From now on, all White House spin will invite immediate categorization with the Bowling Green Massacre.

Making matters worse for the Trump administration, Kellyanne Conway seems to have burned up the last bit of her credibility, as her name only inspires the wrong kind of discussion now. She has severely diminished her own value as spokesperson.

Here’s video of the mock vigil in Manhattan, via New York Daily News:

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