Donald Trump Even Lied About Being ‘First In His Class’ At Wharton


During his Thursday press conference, America’s Liar-in-Chief Donald J. Trump was forced to concede his claim of a record-breaking Electoral College win was a lie.

You know what else is a lie? Trump’s claim to be a graduate of Pennsylvania University’s Wharton School of Business, and with top honors for being “first in his class.”

All lies, nothing but the lies.

For a man who told us all he’s a very smart guy with a “good brain,” the cold hard facts show otherwise. Not only did Trump never attend graduate studies at the famous university (he just transferred into the school’s undergraduate program during his junior year for two years), he was never ever first in his class. According to a report published by The Daily Pennsylvanian, Trump’s name is nowhere to be found on the 1968 Dean’s List.

While his Wharton transcripts have never been publicly released, it was not hard to verify this information. If he had, indeed, graduated “first in his class” with honors, his name would’ve been mentioned in the Commencement Program. It was not. The program from the Penn Archives does, however, mention 20 Wharton award and prize recipients, 15 cum laude recipients, four magna cum laude recipients and two summa cum laude recipients for Trump’s graduating year. But no Donald.

Several of his Wharton classmates went as far as to state that Trump never seemed to be much of an intellect, and that he never studied much. He was also known to leave the Wharton campus on weekends to go home to New York (just like he leaves the White House now on weekends for Mar-a-Lago).

Smart guy, good brain, my ass. More like a dumbass in Wharton’s book.

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