How To Trace A Mobile Phone Number


Calls from unknown numbers, threats, spam, etc. are way too common these days. Even FON’s owner has suffered calls from unknown numbers from extreme alt-righties who want to make threats. While at times, it becomes necessary to report it to appropriate authorities, most would not prefer such inconvenience.

The following steps can be tried to find the owner of the number before considering further action.

1. Call The Number

Especially in cases of missed calls, when you are not sure of the intent of the caller, the first step would be to call back. Who knows it might be a friend whose number has not been saved yet. Ask about the identity politely. In most cases, you might find out who the caller is. In case the caller does not reply, try calling that person from a friend’s number. Do it after a time gap to prevent suspicion.

2. Search Google

My best trick to find the details for spam calls is to Google the phone number. But it works only if the number has been reported as spam or threat on a reporting site. It doesn’t give details of any number straight away. The exception is when that number has been listed as a contact of a public website. Some might get lucky with it.

3. Search Public Databases

Public databases like Yellowpages and Whitepages could be really helpful finding the details related to a phone number should that person have listed his phone number.

4. Try Social Networking Sites

Most of us are on Facebook. Though many make their numbers private on the social networking website, most don’t bother to do so. Just copy-paste the number of Facebook’s search and check if you could find something. Another way of finding out is using Whatsapp. If the number is associated with Whatsapp, you might see the person’s display pic.

5. Try Mobile Phone Tracking Websites

While we all know of Truecaller, it doesn’t always give the right results. They get their data from the phone numbers people store in their contact lists. Another very useful tool I found was mobile tracker. It helps find the location of the number’s holder precisely.

6. Try Paid Websites

Once all the free options are exhausted, you could try paid websites to find out the details of the caller. They almost always work, unless the caller is a professional criminal and used advanced methods to hide the details.

7. Call Your Mobile Phone Service Provider

Call your mobile phone service provider and ask them the details of the last caller. They might have it but could refuse to give them to you. A request could be made nonetheless.

8. Hire A Private Investigator

Should it be affordable to you, hire a private investigator to find the details of the caller. This is quite useful if you do not wish to report to legal authorities for the fear of retaliation.

9. Report It To The Police

If threats and harassment continue, after assessing all risks, the incident could be reported to the police. File a complaint and get the registered FIR number. This would be very helpful in legal cases since you could mention that it was reported to the police.

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