Police: Stepson Shot KKK Leader Frank Ancona, Wife Helped Dispose Of The Body


As reported here, KKK leader Frank Ancona’s wife was held on suspicion of first-degree murder after his body was found in a river with a gunshot wound to his head. She was not formally charged at the time, but now police have charged Ancona’s stepson and wife with murder.

The St. Louis Dispatch reports:

Malissa Ann Ancona, 44, of Leadwood, and Paul Edward Jinkerson Jr., 24, of Belgrade, were both charged with first-degree murder, armed criminal action, tampering with physical evidence and abandonment of a corpse.

Jinkerson shot Frank Ancona, 51, on Thursday in his bedroom while he was asleep, St. Francois County Sheriff’s Det. Matt Wampler wrote in the probable cause statement. Ancona’s body was then taken in Jinkerson’s vehicle to an area near Belgrade, Mo., where it was dumped, Wampler wrote.

When investigators searched Anconas’ home on Saturday, they discovered “extensive blood evidence” in the master bedroom. During a recorded interview with police, Malissa informed them that Jinkerson shot Frank Arcona, and she helped clean up the blood and tried to cover up the murder.

Malissa and Jinkerson disposed of the body and the cleanup.

Malissa’s last Facebook post on Friday reads, “My husband is missing do please if anyone sees anything call the police.”

She eventually told police that her husband’s employer asked him to deliver a part out-of-state, however, the employer denied that that took place.

The authorities, after reading about Ancona’s disappearance on Facebook, searched the house and found a safe that had been broken open. Ancona’s firearms were missing. Police asked Malissa about a Facebook post she wrote seeking a roommate on the day of his disappearance. She told police her husband took his guns with him and that he was planning on filing for divorce when he returned from his work trip, and said she was seeking a roommate to help with the bills.

One neighbor said he witnessed Malissa screaming at Frank a lot. Although the neighbor didn’t hear gunfire that night, he did hear metal on metal noises during the predawn hours, presumably with the two trying to access the safe.

The neighbor reportedly witnessed Klan meetings at Frank’s house and said that he was a ‘good man.’:

He described Frank Ancona as a good man who was working to change attitudes about the Klan. Russell said Ancona hosted a few small Klan gatherings at the house in recent years, including one in which a cross was burned. He said Ancona and perhaps 10 others attended that cross burning in Klan robes.

“Everybody is talking about the Klan thing, but they are living in the past,” the neighbor said, “Frank was trying to improve the Klan and make it a force for good.”

The neighbor’s name is James Russell. He’s 58 and features an American flag and a Confederate flag outside his home. Sounds legit.


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