Pro-Trump Group Website Hacked And It’s A Beautiful Thing

Trump site hacked.

A Republican Super PAC group advocating for President Donald Trump’s Cabinet picks had to take down its website on Monday after hackers got into it and “rewrote” it for truth and beauty.

The 45 Committee was started by mega-donors Todd Ricketts and Sheldon Adelson, and had just released a new ad this week promoting Trump’s Cabinet picks. Many of these appointees have been criticized as having a number of conflicts of interests in their related departments, or for simply being unsuitable or qualified for the posts.

But the Super PAC 45 Committee had to take the website down after hackers got in and titled some of the videos and sections to read:

“Make America Sh*tty Again.”

Some of the video section was edited to read:

“Black Lives Matter”

via Tom LoBianco


Video titles were also relabeled. A video promoting Tom Price for secretary of Health and Human Services was renamed:

“Steve Bannon is a White Supremacist”

The video supporting Sen. Jeff Sessions was relabeled:

“Sessions is Deemed Too Racist to be a Federal Judge”

The website was also promoting the appointment of Betsy DeVos for secretary of Education. DeVos, the controversial Republican mega-donor who seems to have purchased her way into the appointment and lacks any experience in public schooling whatsoever, is facing Senate confirmation on Tuesday.

Another video was labed: “Betsy DeVos is Unqualified.”

Reported Monday on CNN, a spokesman for 45 Committed confirmed the hack. The committee has already spent as much as $4 million online and on-air supporting Trump’s controversial Cabinet picks, and expects to pay an important role in the Trump administration.

Although the hack is nowhere near the levels that Anonymous can reach, it’s certainly hilarious. The website was taken down temporarily and has not been restored with much less of its former glory. Thankfully, Tom LoBianco of CNN tweeted screenshots of the hacks.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot

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